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Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighter Review (2023)

Anastasia Beverly Hills is a global beauty brand whose products are beloved by many for their effortless, Hollywood Glam finish. While Anastasia Beverly Hills is best known for creating and shaping the brow industry (both literally and figuratively), it offers a full selection of cult-favorite makeup products. 

While every Anastasia Beverly Hills product is in a class of its own for its creamy contours and shimmery shades, one product in particular caught our eye. And that’s why today’s article features a comprehensive Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighter review. Keep reading to learn what Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Iced Out Highlighter does, what it doesn’t do, and whether or not it deserves a spot on your makeup shelf. 

What is Anastasia Beverly Hills? 

For those who might not know, Anastasia Soare invented the brow industry in 1997 with the launch of her patented Golden Ratio® eyebrow shaping method. And just three years later, she developed beauty’s first line of eyebrow makeup. 

Over the last 25 years, Anastasia Beverly Hills has flourished into a global beauty brand with a wide variety of products that are beloved by many. Every product is designed to deliver gorgeous, professional-level results – regardless of the user’s makeup experience. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Iced Out Highlighter

Anastasia Beverly Hills Iced Out Highlighter is a moderately warm-toned highlighter that is supposed to be universally flattering and provide skin luminosity. It’s designed to have a smooth finish, and the ultra-light beam effect is supposed to bring radiance to the skin. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighter Claims

As we mentioned, this icy, white-gold highlighter claims to be universally flattering. Combining a smooth finish with an ultra-beam effect, it claims to create a “lit from within radiance.” And because it delivers buildable intensity, it promises to amplify beautiful skin and deliver “a full, icy strobing effect.” 

Not only that, but Anastasia’s highlighter promises to feel like a second skin while delivering a multi-dimensional wet-effect shine. And if you didn’t already know, the latter is supposed to combine the high reflectivity of liquid with the weightlessness of a powder. 

What We Think

So, does the Anastasia Beverly Hills Iced Out Highlighter deliver on its promises? Most reviewers tend to think so. 

Instead of offering a solid color base, Anastasia’s highlighter has more of a glowing effect. And while you’d expect an icy white or silver highlighter, the warm, golden color actually has a tint of green. It also shimmers differently depending on how the light hits. 

Users report the highlighter’s texture as being soft to the touch, moderately dense, and consistent with what you’d imagine a gel-powder hybrid formula to be. Generally, it applies beautifully to bare skin, and beauty bloggers report it melting into the skin as it blends. The result? A smooth sheen that doesn’t emphasize the skin’s natural texture or pores. 

As promised, Anastasia Beverly Hills Iced Out Highlighter is, in fact, easily buildable. And it wears for about seven to eight hours before fading. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighter Dupes

While the Anastasia Beverly Hills Iced Out Highlighter isn’t too expensive ($34 for 0.31oz), there are some additional, high-quality dupes on the market:

NARS Albatross Highlighter

This moderately warm-toned, light gold powder is designed to deliver a frosty finish. The silky, lightweight highlighting powder supposedly melts into the skin for a dewy finish. And the satin-soft, micro-spherical powder is designed to layer evenly and weightlessly on all skin tones. 

Purchase the NARS Albatross Highlighter for $38. 

Tom Ford Shade and Illuminating Highlighting Duo in Nude Light

Infused with vitamin E, the Tom Ford Shade and Illuminating Highlighting Duo uses fine, iridescent pearls to optically lift and define facial architecture like a liquid highlighter. Additionally, it offers buildable radiance and dimension. 

Purchase the Tom Ford Shade and Illuminating Highlighting Duo for $90. 

Italia Deluxe Glo Glam Baked Illuminating Highlighter Shimmer Bronze

This highlighter aims to create a natural glow by filtering out harsh light and refining the skin’s appearance. And just like the Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighter, it’s buildable, universally flattering, cruelty-free, and it delivers a multi-dimensional shine. 

Purchase the Italia Deluxe Glo Glam Baked Illuminating Highlighter Shimmer Bronze for $13. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighter Review

As you might have guessed, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighter is beloved by many. And hopefully, after reading this Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighter review, you can see why. With buildable, dewy, shimmery coverage, this popular highlighter is a beautiful option for all skin types. Head to your local beauty supply store (or trusty Sephora) to buy yours.