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10 Themed Baby Shower Ideas You’ve Probably Never Seen

Locking down a cute baby shower theme for your big event is a big decision. You’ll look back on these pictures for a lifetime, remembering these special moments. That’s why picking the right theme can be crucial.

Get ready to take your baby shower game to a whole new level with these 10 themed baby shower ideas we bet you haven’t seen. While timeless baby shower themes with pink and blue colors will always have their place, these unique and innovative themes are bound to inspire you—from “Mama to Bee” to “Babychella.”

Top 10 Baby Shower Theme Ideas

1. Bonjour Bébé French Garden Party

photo credit: @createandinflateevents

Ah, Bonjour Bébé–the perfect blend of elegance and whim for a truly magnifique baby shower. Picture it now: Soft-toned pastel color palettes, greenery decorations, and a touch of classic French elements. You can even incorporate macarons, croissants, and light French background music for that hint of authenticity. And don’t forget the twinkle lights for an extra oomph of romance.

2. We Can Bearly Wait

Photo Credit: @blissful_eventdecor

With a hyper-focus on cute bears, this themed baby shower idea offers a cozy and snuggly atmosphere–perfect for celebrating the arrival of your little one. Planning this event couldn’t be more simple either. All you need are bear-themed decorations, teddy bear-shaped cookies, and soft pastel blue or pink balloons. Top your cozy baby shower off with bear-themed games like “Guess the number of gummy bears in the jar” to really tie the theme together.

3. A Little Cutie Is on the Way

Photo Credit: @melissadajti

This citrus-inspired theme adds a twist to your traditional baby shower, bringing a sunny and tangy vibe. Think orange accents everywhere and yummy treats like orange- and lemon-shaped cookies. Citrus-infused beverages such as lemonade, MOM-osas, and grapefruit mocktails will be a big hit too. Don’t forget to add pops of eucalyptus greenery on tables and in your balloon arch to wrap it all together.

4. On Cloud Nine

Photo Credit: @rushanaisaacs

Say hello to a dreamy and enchanting choice for your baby shower—this unique theme screams serenity and bliss. Just fill your party area with fluffy white clouds using balloons or even bunches of cotton balls. And the color palette is an easy one: all white everything–but feel free to add pops of color like silver or gold for some extra fun. For treats, you can’t go wrong with cloud-shaped cookies and angelic glitter cupcakes.

5. Here Comes the Son

Photo Credit: @rentbohobabes

“Here comes the sun, do do do doo…” can you hear it? If you’re expecting a boy and consider yourself a Beatles fan, stop scrolling. This theme offers a laid-back, earthy atmosphere perfect for celebrating the arrival of your little one. To plan this event, opt for bohemian decor like dreamcatchers and natural wood elements, and sprinkle in warm, earthy tones. Incorporate greenery accents like mini succulent party favors and plants as centerpieces. You could also include fun activities for guests, such as a DIY baby mobile craft table with cute wooden sun and rainbow pieces to hang. Oh, and the mom-to-be is the judge and gets to pick the winner!

6. Baby in Bloom

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Imagine walking into a venue immersed in floral decor, the smell of fresh flowers, beautiful garden accents, and various shades of happy spring colors. This baby shower theme is a great idea to celebrate growth in the best way–with vibrant blooms. You could even encourage guests to participate in flower-themed activities such as bouquet arranging or creating flower crowns. Top off this memorable event with yummy treats like a flower petal cake or frosted rose-shaped cupcakes.

7. Taco Bout A Baby

Photo Credit: @centralcoastacos

Taco ‘bout a fun and delicious baby shower theme perfect for spicing up your celebration. To plan this party, decorate with vibrant colors and cacti balloons, and don’t forget the loaded taco bar with endless toppings. Fill the taco buffet with different meats, veggies, salsas, guacamole, sour cream, and more. Throw your meat in a crock pot to simmer the day-of to make it that much easier on you. Plus, a fun game idea could be “Pin the taco on the belly”–featuring a cutout of you! 

8. Mama to Bee

Photo Credit: @5wondersballoonsandevents

The perfect choice for those looking to create a buzz of excitement and warmth at their baby shower. Decorate your party space with gold and dark brown decor, incorporate honeycomb patterns and sunflower accents, and provide honey-themed treats like beehive-shaped cookies and mini jars of honey as party favors. You can also organize bee-related games and activities, such as a “How many candies in the hive?” guessing game and a scrumptious honey-tasting biscuit station.

9. Welcome to the BaByQ

Photo Credit: @bossscreations

A good ol’ fashioned barbeque is a popular way to spend time with loved ones, so why not incorporate that tanginess into a baby shower? With this sizzling BaByQ theme, consider outdoor or backyard settings with traditional checkered tablecloths, mason jar centerpieces, and rustic decor. Arrange a grill station with all your favorite BBQ dishes–particularly ones you’re craving–and don’t forget to set up games like corn hole or giant jenga to keep guests entertained. This theme is a great fit for a summer baby shower!

10. Babychella

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A unique theme that takes the famous Coachella festival to another level with a focus on your baby bump. This might be the best baby shower theme choice for those who love music, art, and embracing their free spirit. To plan this event, go for bohemian decor with colorful tapestries, flower crowns, bright colored balloons and lights, and if you can, some sort of Ferris wheel accent. You could even set up a DIY tie-dye station for guests so they can take something home to remember your big day. Turn up the festival-like atmosphere with music and henna tattoos, and have a food truck cater your event for even more fun.

Feeling Inspired?

Baby showers are a memorable occasion to celebrate the anticipated arrival of your little one. But they’re even more special when infused with a unique and creative theme that fits your personality. From the spicy “Taco ‘Bout A Baby” to the vibrant “Baby in Bloom” themes, these 10 baby shower ideas are bound to spark some creativity for your big day.