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Here Are the Staples You’ll Need To Build A Fall Athleisure Wardrobe In 2024

It’s hard to believe that fall is just around the corner. But alas, it’s officially time to start stocking your wardrobe with those fall athleisure staples. And whether you’re a “shopping is my cardio” girl or training for a marathon, today’s article reveals the top athleisure pieces to purchase in Fall 2024. What Is Athleisure? Before we delve into athleisure fall staples to invest in, what is athleisure anyway? Essentially, this comfortable aesthetic blurs the line between clothes you’d wear to the gym and clothes you’d wear to the coffee shop. It takes athletic wear — made from comfortable, breathable fabrics — and incorporates it into an everyday wardrobe. And needless to say, these effortless, versatile, and casual outfits are here to stay.  How to Wear Athleisure Style Because athleisure embodies an effortless feel, just about anything goes. However, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind:  Staple Pieces for Your Fall Wardrobe  Want to know what fashion staples will be making an appearance in Fall 2024 athleisure outfits? The experts have spoken:   1. Black Leggings  It doesn’t matter who you are, black leggings are wardrobe staples. You can wear them to the gym or dress them up for date night. And because you’ll wear these yoga pants again and again, they’re definitely an item worth splurging on.  Personally? We’re loving the Superform 7/8 Leggings from Outdoor Voices and the Align Leggings from LuluLemon.  2. Sports Bras and Bramis Regardless of what kind of exercise you do, sports bras and bramis (tank-top-esque bras) are worth the investment. Seamless sports bras are made of stretchy, breathable fabric that’s designed to move with you. And we recommend opting for a sports bra that delivers maximum comfort, support, and style.  If you need some inspiration, check out the Power Play High Impact Bra from Alo or the Never Better Square Neck Bra from FP Movement.  3. Crew Neck Everyone needs a cozy crew neck to throw on after a group fitness class. However, it’s up to you whether you’d like to purchase a plain black crew neck (like this one from SKIMS), rep your alma mater, or steal one from your husband. (Personally, we’re going with option three.)  4. Workout Onesie Workout onesies are all the rage right now — and for good reason! These fall athleisure staples are comfortable, trendy, and hold everything in place. (Not to mention, they’re incredibly flattering.) Studies show that what you wear to the gym affects your performance – so invest in a onesie that makes you feel good inside and out.  We recommend the Never Better One-Piece from FP Movement for marathon running and the Featherweight Hang Loose Jumpsuit from Beyond Yoga for errand running.  5. Zip Up Jacket  If you work out outside during the cooler months, investing in a quality zip-up jacket is non-negotiable. Look for one with thumb holes (they will keep your hands warm) and consider sizing up so you can layer underneath.  Both the Seamless Cable Knit Jacket from Alo and this Women’s Zip-front Shacket from Target are fantastic neutral options.  6. Long Sleeves Fall fashion is all about layering. And that’s why long sleeves and light jackets are fall athleisure staples. A collection of quality long sleeves will take you anywhere you need to go — from hiking trails to spin class to the post office.  We recommend the Swiftly Tech Long-Sleeve Shirt 2.0, the It’s Rulu Run Long Sleeve Shirt, or the High Neck Running and Training Long-Sleeve Shirt from Lululemon. (Or, stock up on all three and get free shipping.)  7. Baseball Cap A classic, dad-style baseball cap is the ultimate athleisure statement piece. Not only does it hide a head of unkempt, post-workout hair, but baseball caps are incredibly trendy at the moment. We recommend investing in either a plain black cap or repping your children’s school mascot.  8. Sweatpants No athleisure wardrobe is complete without a pair of sweatpants. However, there is a line between casual wear and couch wear. If you still have a pair with your old high school logo on them, we recommend trading them in for a sleek pair of joggers.  The Black Summit Track Pant from Girlfriend Collective and the Villa Jogger from Vuori are both great places to start.  9. Sneakers Sneakers are the signature shoe of athleisure looks. And whether you’re running to the gym, on the trails, or to the coffee shop, you’ll need a solid pair on your feet. Rest assured that many athleisure shoe brands are both practical and stylish. Additionally, check out these comfortable shoes for hip pain if your body needs a little extra support.  10. Technical Tee If you’re new(er) to the athleisure style, technical tees are a phenomenal place to start. These foundational pieces go with everything, meaning you can easily transition from the gym to the store (and everywhere in between). Pair a crop top with running shorts for a quick walk around the block or pair a neutral tee with jeans and casual sneakers for an office-ready outfit.  Fall Athleisure Staples Well, there you have it! By now, you know which athleisure staples to purchase this fall. Remember that the athleisure aesthetic is all about balancing comfort and fashion. So, if you invest in these few key pieces, you’ll have a timeless athleisure wardrobe that will last for years to come. 

Why I Started Incorporating More Plants In My Home

I’ve always enjoyed spending time in nature, from big mountain hikes to leisurely walks through the forest. But living somewhere with long winters, plus working from home, I inevitably spend a ton of time inside, too. That’s where houseplants came in. My journey into the world of houseplants began as a simple desire to bring a touch of nature indoors, but it soon transformed into a passion that enriched my life in many ways.  You probably intuitively know that incorporating more houseplants in your home could benefit your well-being, and I’m here to share with you the truths behind that intuition. From improving air quality and enhancing mental well-being to the sheer joy of nurturing living organisms, houseplants offer many advantages that make them an essential addition to any home. I’ll also provide valuable plant care tips to ensure your leafy friends thrive. Join me in rediscovering the beauty and serenity that nature can bring you right at home. Benefits of Having Houseplants On top of being beautiful and making your home more aesthetically appealing, there are tons of benefits to having houseplants around. Here are some of the ways your space, plus your physical and mental health, can be enhanced after taking a trip to the plant nursery: The NASA study, or the Clean Air Study, demonstrated that houseplants can significantly reduce the number of airborne volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in the air. Other studies have corroborated these findings, showing that plants can improve indoor air, increase oxygen levels in the air(simultaneously reducing carbon dioxide), and make interior breathing spaces healthier. They do so by absorbing pollutants through their leaves and transmitting the toxins to their roots, then converting them into a food source. Other research has called these conclusions into question, so it’s unclear exactly how potent the effects are or if you must have a large quantity of plants in a completely sealed environment to reap the air quality benefits. That being said, bringing more plants into your home won’t hurt the air–it can only improve it, even if just slightly. Many of us have experienced finding a sense of peace when immersed in a beautiful natural landscape. You can bring a piece of that experience into your home by caring for indoor plants, which one study showed can reduce physiological and psychological stress. In the study, participants suppressed sympathetic nervous system activity and diastolic blood pressure, promoting comfortable, soothed, and natural feelings while working with plants. Another study showed that participants were less nervous or anxious when in an office with plants than those without. It might just be that the smell and sight of some leafy green plants can provide a soothing, calming effect, bringing welcome energy into your space.  Having plants around has been shown to increase focus and productivity, which is especially helpful if you work from home or take care of many administrative tasks for your family. One study found that brain scans of students in a classroom with a real plant were more attentive and better able to concentrate compared to students who were in classrooms with a fake plant, a photo of a plant, or no plant at all.  In another study, participants instructed to complete a task in a computer lab performed 12% faster when plants were in the room. Those in the room with plants also reported feeling more attentive than the participants in the control group.  5. Working with plants is therapeutic “Horticultural therapy”, or the use of plant-based activities to promote healing, gained popularity and credibility in the 1940s and 50s. It’s used to treat a wide variety of ailments and can be used as a way to increase feelings of well-being in people who struggle with various mental health issues.  Taking care of plants can also cultivate feelings of pride and a sense of achievement, helping you to get out of a slump. There’s just something ultra satisfying about watching a live organism grow and flourish under your care!  6. Recover from illness more quickly  Having plants around may offer physical health benefits, like speeding up recovery time following an illness, injury, or surgery. Some research found that people recovering from various surgeries required less pain medication and had shorter hospital stays when there was greenery to look at in the hospital.  While this research focused exclusively on patients recovering inside hospitals, similar benefits may exist when recovering from ailments at home.  Plant Care Tips Once you’ve brought some new plants into your home, you’ll want to take excellent care of them so they stay alive and thrive. Read on for some indoor plant care tips to keep your plants healthy and flourishing: Providing adequate light is paramount to indoor plant success. Just like sunlight fuels us, it’s the lifeblood of plants. Understanding your plant’s light requirements and placing it in the right spot ensures vibrant growth. Different plants have varying light requirements, so place low-light plants in shaded areas and high-light plants near windows with ample sunlight. Rotate plants regularly for even growth. Watering is a delicate balance in indoor plant care. Overwatering drowns roots, while underwatering leads to thirst. Every plant will have different watering needs, so consult with the employees at the plant store to understand your specific plant’s watering schedule. One way to determine if your plant needs water is to check the soil moisture before watering–stick your finger an inch into the soil; if it’s dry, water the plant. Proper drainage is the safety net for indoor plants. It allows excess water to escape, preventing soggy soil and root rot. To prevent water from accumulating at the bottom, ensure your pots have proper drainage holes. Use pots with saucers to catch excess water. Choosing the right potting mix is the foundation of plant prosperity. It allows for optimal aeration, drainage, and nutrients. Use the appropriate potting mix for different types of plants, such as a cactus mix for succulents and a well-draining mix for tropical plants.  Humidity control

2024’s Summer Essentials For Every Mom

As the temperature rises and the sun shines brighter, your whole family is ready to head outdoors. However, moms must be extra prepared for the summer. Taking care of tiny humans, being practical, and still looking stylish can take a lot of work if you don’t have the right essentials in your toolkit. Whether it’s something to elevate your style or make your life a little easier while the sun is blazing down, we’ve rounded up 2024’s summer accessories for all moms. It doesn’t have to be Mothers Day to treat yourself–keep reading to uncover all the goodies. 11 Summer Accessories For Every Mom 1. Hair Claw Clips As a mom, you need accessories that can keep up with the fast-paced lifestyle of taking care of little ones. That’s where hair claw clips come in. Whether you’re juggling drop-offs for summer programs or chasing toddlers around in the heat, being able to throw your hair up in a jiffy is a necessity. And they don’t just stop at convenience. Claw clips are an effortless way to achieve a cute hairstyle–even if you haven’t washed your hair in three days. Our Recommendation: Sisiaipu 3.5 Inch Medium Hair Claw Clips We love this assorted claw clip bundle from Amazon. Choose from small, medium, and large clips based on the thickness and length of your hair. Another plus is their non-slip design–perfect for moms always on the go. Price: $9.99 Shop Now 2. Round Sunglasses Round sunglasses are a timeless accessory to add to your capsule wardrobe. They offer a softer and more feminine touch compared to other sunglass shapes. This style is also known for its ability to be incorporated into any outfit. No matter if you’re choosing sweatpants and a tank top or a summery dress for the poolside, every mom should have a pair of round sunglasses in their accessory stash. Our Recommendation: Universal Thread Tortoise Print Round Sunglasses The Universal Thread round sunglasses at Target offer a lightweight and shatter-resistant design. We love that moms don’t have to worry about any shattered material if little ones get a bit too rough with them. Another great feature is their UV protection. Plus, these sunglasses are not only stylish but block 99% to 100% of all UV light. Price: $15 Shop Now 3. Eco-Friendly Tote Bag You’ve spent years hauling around a big bulky diaper bag–but that doesn’t mean you can’t have something of your own this summer. Tote bags are all the rage lately, and rightfully so! Not only are they absolutely adorable, but their spacious design also provides a solution for all your extra summer essentials, and you can even use it as a beach bag. Our Recommendation: Elena Handbags Straw Woven Summer Tote This straw tote bag from Elena Handbags had to make our list. It’s timeless, made from eco-friendly materials, and comes in three neutral-toned colors. This straw tote is a great way to add some style to your summer outfits in a sustainable way. Price: $42 Shop Now 4. Woven Bucket Hat If there’s anything we learned in 2023, it’s that sun protection is in. hats have made a comeback and grown in popularity over the last couple of years. And we think the woven designed ones are a great summer accessory for moms. Something about their style screams “trendy mom” and is the ultimate addition to any summery outfit. Not only that, but they offer face shade so you don’t burn quickly when you’re enjoying a nice sunny day outside with the kids.  Our Recommendation: Frank Rae Bucket Hat We love the Frank Rae straw bucket hat. Its simplicity can effortlessly take you from beachside to poolside all while staying stylish. This bucket hat is the ultimate mom accessory you need to elevate your summer look! Price: $69 Shop Now 5. Large Storage Backpack Being a mom means always coming prepared with everything you and your children could possibly need. And in the summer, this means extra snacks for the beach, swim diapers, washcloths, dry clothes, towels, sunscreen, and water bottles–not to mention any extra goodies for yourself! This is where useful gifts like a backpack with many storage options and pockets come in handy. Our Recommendation: Open Story Day Trip Backpack This backpack from Target offers all the storage essentials. A laptop pocket, various storage pouches for personal items, a zipper for your keys, drink compartments, padded shoulder straps, water-resistant material, and an RFID security pocket to safely secure your credit cards. Whether you’re packing for a day trip to the beach or the waterpark, this backpack can handle all your and your little one’s summer essentials. Price: $79.99 Shop Now 6. Reusable Water Bottle Staying hydrated in the summer is a given. If you’re a busy mom running around doing playdates, having a handy reusable water bottle will make staying hydrated easy and top of mind, without having to put too much thought into it. Plus, investing in a reusable water bottle will help cut down on plastic waste from single-use water you might grab from the store last minute. Our Recommendation: 32oz Wide Mouth Hydro Flask Hydro Flask is one of the most well-known brands in the reusable water bottle market. But we specifically chose this flask because of its leak proof straw feature. You get the convenience of a straw without worrying about it leaking when your younger kids get ahold of it. We also love that it keeps drinks cold for 12 hours. Yep, you can get a nice cold refreshing sip all day, even in the hot summer months! Price: $49.95 Shop Now 7. Sandals When it comes to the perfect summer footwear, nothing beats a pair of trendy sandals. Moms need something that can easily slip on and off while running out the door to get everyone in the car. The right pair of sandals not only provides a much-needed relief from the heat, but also adds a touch of flair to any outfit.  Our Recommendation: Cushionaire

gift ideas for kids (not toys)

28 Gift Ideas for Kids That Aren’t Toys

Nothing beats gifts that come with an experience. That’s why we put together this list of gift ideas for kids for birthdays (not toys). Most toys are grown out of and destroyed, but memories last forever, so many parents prefer non-toy presents for their little ones. Whether you’re a mom looking for a gift for your child, or friends or family members searching for the perfect present, we’ve rounded up the best non-toy gift ideas for kids for a special occasion like a birthday or even a fun gift for a holiday season celebration. From newborn to grade school, babies to 5 year olds and up, we’ve got it all right here. Let’s get into the best non-toy gifts for little kids! Non-Toy Gifts for Baby (0-12 months) When it comes to babies, non-toy gifts can be a game-changer in their development and overall well-being. While traditional toys certainly have their place, non-toy gifts offer a unique opportunity to engage babies in different ways, fostering their curiosity and expanding their experiences. Not only do non-toy gifts provide entertainment, but they also promote bonding, stimulate cognitive development, and encourage exploration. Explore our list of non-toy gift ideas for babies and give the little ones in your life the best start. 1. Swimming Lessons Photo credit: SafeSplash Swim School This is a gift that doubles for both baby and parents. Swim lessons are a fun activity for little ones while also giving parents peace of mind on important water safety. Check out your local pool or aquatic center for any gift certificates available for purchase in advance. 2. Aquarium Passes Photo credit: Shedd Aquarium If you didn’t know already, babies love watching fish swim. So a day at the aquarium just makes sense for a non-toy baby gift. Baby’s eyes will be wide open the entire time and their small little minds will bloom with curiosity. A season pass or gift certificate to the aquarium is always a good idea! 3. Baby Splash Mat Finding a gift for a small baby that they will actually use can be tough. But this Splash Mat on Amazon is a great gift idea most babies will love. With this non-toy gift, baby gets fresh air and learns about splashing in the water, plus it gives parents a chance to relax outside too! 4. Solid Food Feeder Pacifier Solid food baby feeders are a great present idea that doesn’t just give babies a safe opportunity to try food, but can also be doubled as a teething soother. The baby will almost immediately feel relieved after sucking on this pacifier feeder filled with frozen fruit.  5. Goodnight Lotion A staple for any nighttime routine: magnesium and lavender good night lotion. Magnesium is known to promote healthy sleep and gut health while acting as a natural detoxifier. Not only will your baby feel relaxed, but parents too, once they get better sleep with this relaxing nighttime lotion from Earthley. 6. New Books Cultivating a love for reading in kids is one of the best gifts you can give them. Reading not only enhances their language skills but also fosters imagination, empathy, and critical thinking. It opens up doors to new worlds, ideas, and perspectives. Kids who love to read from an early age often perform better academically across various subjects. New books are a great gift for kids from birth and every age group from there.  Non-Toy Gifts for Toddler (1-3 years) 7. Doodle Board Toddlers love to express their creativity with drawing. But sometimes, that means their artwork ends up on the floors, walls, and other places where parents have to clean up stubborn scribbles. Getting the toddler in your life a doodle board is the ultimate gift. They can have all the creativity with absolutely no mess. Go check out this one on Amazon! 8. Bowling Alley Passes Photo credit: Splitsville Bowling is a great non-toy present idea for a toddler. The excitement of the bowling alley, cheering happy noises and expressions, and yummy snacks–the entire experience is amazing through their little eyes. There is no doubt that you will get a strike by gifting a bowling alley certificate to a little one. 9. Star Projector Night Light Light up the night with this star projector on Amazon. This gift idea is perfect for toddlers who might need a little support falling asleep. The shining stars and white noise will help calm a restless kiddo down and get them ready for bedtime. And it’s something fun and exciting they can look forward to each night. 10. Zoo Membership Photo credit: San Diego Zoo Who isn’t crazy about animals as a toddler? A local zoo membership is a great gift idea that will create memories to last a lifetime. Not only is it an overall fun experience, but toddlers love learning about all the different animals. Plus, if they’ve already made it to the stage where they start imitating animal sounds, it’s even more fun! Many zoos will have regular activities for kids to participate in as well, so much sure you check out what your local zoo has to offer. 11. Toddler Knife Kitchen Set We know what you’re thinking. “Is a toddler knife set safe??” Yes, this one found on Amazon is completely safe for kids to use. Everything is dull to the touch, but can still be used to cut certain foods. A gift that gets kids involved in daily routines like cooking is great for everyone. Toddlers love to play pretend and act like adults–so it makes perfect sense why this kitchen set made our list. 12. Piggy Bank It’s never too early to teach kids the importance of saving money! A cute piggy bank like this one works for girls or boys. This will get them ready to have a healthy savings account of their own of day.  Non-Toy Gifts for Preschoolers (3-5 years) When it comes to preschoolers, non-toy gifts can be a fantastic way to ignite their imagination and promote learning in fun and engaging ways. While toys certainly have their

15 Budget-Friendly Yet Stylish Gray Couch Living Room Ideas

Many living rooms have a gray couch as their centerpiece–they’re sleek, easier to clean than a white couch, and can pair well with all different types of decor. The sky’s the limit when it comes to living room decor ideas with a gray couch, from natural color schemes to more adventurous design choices that infuse your personality into your space. This piece of furniture may be simple, but with our list of affordable ideas for gray couch interior design, it’s anything but boring. Read on to find the gray couch inspiration you need to create your dream living room. Opting for a natural color scheme when styling a gray couch creates a calm and timeless atmosphere. Earthy tones like greens, browns, and muted blues blend well with the neutral gray, providing a classic and inviting look that makes it one of our favorite gray couch color schemes. This simple approach allows for versatility, making it easy to integrate with different design elements while maintaining an enduring aesthetic in your home you won’t get tired of within a few years. Integrating patterns into your living room alongside your gray couch brings dynamism and visual interest to the space. Whether through throw pillows, rugs, or accent decor, patterns inject personality and energy into the neutral palette. Decide if you’d like to go more modern or classic, and choose patterns that match your taste, whether that be geometric shapes, stripes, or floral motifs This approach allows you to easily experiment with patterns as you decorate, creating a lively and stylish atmosphere that complements the understated elegance of the gray couch. Adding a pop of color to your walls amps up the style in a room, and complements gray couches well. Vibrant colors like deep blues, rich greens, or warm yellows create an engaging and lively vibe, and the contrast enhances the neutral gray, making the space visually appealing and modern. It’s a straightforward yet very impactful way to transform your living area into an inviting and dynamic space. For a cool and calming vibe, opt for a blue-gray aesthetic in your living room. This subdued color palette creates a cohesive and contemporary look, blending the soothing tones of blue with the neutrality of your gray couch. From navy accents to light blue hues, alongside dark and light grays, this aesthetic choice allows for a harmonious range of shades. The result is a stylish and tranquil living space that feels both modern and serene.  One of our favorite grey sofa living room ideas is to pair the couch with natural wood elements, introducing warmth and a touch of nature into your living space. The combination of cool gray tones with the warmth of wooden furniture or accents creates a balanced and inviting atmosphere. Whether it’s a coffee table, bookshelves, or flooring, the natural textures of wood elevate the entire room, providing a timeless and cozy feel to your home. This simple yet effective blend of materials is sure to add depth and character to your living room. When it comes to grey couch accessories, you can’t go wrong with colorful throw pillows. These vibrant accents instantly inject personality into the neutral backdrop, offering an easy and budget-friendly way to refresh your living space. Go for a mix of bold patterns and contrasting hues to create visual interest. With the freedom to experiment, colorful throw pillows provide a dynamic and simple solution to transform your grey couch, adding a splash of energy and style to the space. Avoid a cold and clinical feeling gray couch by adding dreamy lighting around it. Install soft and well-placed fixtures like floor lamps or pendant lights for a cozy and inviting atmosphere, enhancing the overall look and bringing warmth to your living room. By choosing the right lighting, you can easily establish a relaxed and dreamy setting around your gray couch, turning it into a welcoming focal point in your home. Pairing your gray couch with a rounded coffee table makes for a chic and functional living room arrangement. The soft curves of the table complement the clean lines of the couch, creating a balanced and visually appealing space. This choice not only adds a touch of contemporary style, but also ensures a smooth flow in the room. The rounded edges also enhance safety for little ones and ease of movement around the furniture, making it a practical and stylish addition to your living room setup. Decorating with a gray couch is extra exciting when you incorporate a gallery wall behind it.  Curate an array of art, photos, and mirrors above the couch to infuse personality and style into the room. This doesn’t have to break the bank as there are tons of treasures to find at thrift stores and garage sales, and it allows you to showcase your unique taste, creating a personalized and visually dynamic focal point. Mix and match frames and artwork sizes for added interest, making the gallery wall a conversation starter while complementing the neutral backdrop of the gray couch. Make your gray couch a more inviting place to sit down with textured throws and blankets, selecting some chunky knits, faux fur, or woven textiles to add depth and coziness. These budget-friendly additions provide warmth and introduce tactile variety, creating a visually appealing and inviting space to relax. Whether draped casually over the back or neatly folded, textured throws and blankets are an easy and effective way to elevate the comfort and aesthetics of your living space with minimal effort and expense. Transform your living room by creating a striking accent wall with peel-and-stick wallpaper behind your gray couch. This simple solution offers endless design possibilities without the commitment of traditional wallpaper. Choose a pattern or texture that complements the neutral tones of the couch, instantly elevating the room’s visual appeal. The peel-and-stick feature simplifies the application process, making it an accessible DIY project to enhance the style and character of your space without needing to spend much. Breathe life into your living

We Spoke To An Astrologist — Here’s Your Wellness Horoscope Predictions For 2024

A new year is always ripe with possibility. And as we transition into 2024, rest assured there’s something in store for every star sign.  Susan Miller of Astrology Zone says “January is due to be a sweet and highly productive month, so I urge you to set things in motion.” Both Jupiter and Mercury will be direct (as opposed to in retrograde), and Mars will enter its exaltation sign of Capricorn on the 4th. So, if you’ve got dreams to chase, visions to actualize, or projects to begin, now is the time.  Miller tells us that the week of January 13th in particular, with Mercury back in Capricorn, is an excellent time to jumpstart those plans. If you want to know what that means for you, read your complete January 2024 wellness horoscope below.  January 2024 Wellness Horoscopes Want to know your January 2024 wellness horoscope? Here’s what Miller had to say: Aries “Aries is starting the New Year full of optimism, especially about prospects for career advancement,” says Miller. Life will be full speed ahead, it seems. You’ll want to channel your energy into conscious efforts that propel your professional self forward. Seize any opportunity to take matters into your own hands, as January will be a time to lead with ambition and power.  Taurus Now is the time to add spontaneity and fun to your routine, Taurus. If you’re aching to travel, look into a distant future trip, “for you have powerful planetary support to make your dream come true,” says Miller. Embrace the opportunity to experience the world and broaden your perspectives, seeking out experiences that differ from your everyday life. Miller reminds us that “many of the acorns you are planting now will grow into oak trees.”  Gemini January will be a season of rebirth – particularly of the self. “You will feel newly energized as you enter January,” says Miller, “ready to set things in motion.” Therefore, this transformative period is an ideal time to make space for intimate relationships and quality time – both with yourself and with others. This might involve releasing things that no longer serve you. Honor any arising impulses.  Cancer As the new year unfolds, cast your gaze on your relationships, Cancer. “Your focus will be on your spouse or steady sweetheart after the new moon at 21 degrees in your opposite sign of Capricorn appears on January 11,” says Miller. Pause to make sure you’re receiving the support you deserve, and take this opportunity to refresh your connections.  Leo “This new moon will bring some happy surprises in the days and weeks to come,” says Miller. Therefore, you’ll want to conserve your energy for what matters most. (And make sure you’re not barreling towards burnout.) Use this month to assess your indulgences and figure out where additional structure or routine could be beneficial. January will be a period of self-discovery and strategic planning for all the goodness that’s coming.  Virgo The influx of Capricorn energy will elevate the passion in your life, Virgo. “And as of January 4, you will also have high-action Mars in this area for the first time in two years, helping you find and attract precisely the kind of person you’d like to meet with whom you can build a genuine, long-term relationship,” says Miller. January will be about actively participating in things that bring you joy. Take a deep breath, and allow yourself to make room.  Libra Have you been thinking about moving or renovating or refurbishing your present space? “Because January is the ideal time to do so for Libra,” says Miller “Take some time to pinpoint what, exactly, will bring you a sense of peace. Then, follow through with it. January is about constructing your physical and emotional sanctuaries – or at least setting the wheels in motion.  Scorpio As we enter a new year, consider how you communicate with others and how they communicate with you. “Talks will become important and intensify after the new moon arrives in Capricorn,” says Miller. Brace yourself for a shift in expression, and “in some areas, language will need to be changed to better protect your interests.”  Sagittarius Get ready for some financial shifts, Sagittarius. “It’s a New Year, and you’re determined to find a way to make more money,” says Miller. “Your timing is superb.” Take this opportunity to ask for a raise or find a new job. However, make sure you are financially stable before doing so. As long as you’re careful, you’ll find yourself on solid ground.  Capricorn Considering it’s the height of Capricorn season, you’re spending January in the spotlight. “You will feel more control over events than you’ve felt in months,” says Miller. Use this time to reflect upon and celebrate your achievements in 2023. Allow yourself to bask in your successes and accomplishments before heading on to the next endeavor.  Aquarius There is plenty of transformation on your horizon, Aquarius. But don’t worry – it won’t all unfold at once. Spend some time this month looking internally and developing your spiritual routines and practices. These will serve as your anchors in the shifting seasons to come. “All month, you will be extremely intuitive — even psychic — so be sure to take your hunches seriously. Your instincts are there to protect you,” says Miller.  Pisces As January unfolds, you might find yourself pondering any lingering goals or dreams. Embrace the opportunity to understand yourself and your desires. Refresh your sense of identity and discover how it aligns with the world around you. Miller tells us that “this month sparkles for you and will urge you to be out and about, enjoying all those you love and who love you.” January 2024 Wellness Horoscope As you can see, January 2024 has something in store for everyone. Regardless of what your January 2024 wellness horoscope reveals, we encourage you to embrace the new year and season with your arms wide open. You never know what blessings are waiting around the corner. 

Struggling With Seasonal Affective Disorder? Leave Your Decorations Up Longer

Each year, around 10 million Americans struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder. And if you’re feeling down this winter, have low energy levels, and just can’t shake the depression, you might be dealing with it too.  Thankfully, there are methods to help relieve your symptoms. One strategy might be leaving your holiday decorations up for longer. But there are several other proven methods, too. Keep reading for how to tell if you’re experiencing SAD and five tips to help you feel better this season.  What is Seasonal Affective Disorder? Johns Hopkins Medicine defines Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) as a type of depression that typically occurs during the winter months when natural sunlight is limited. “It does appear that it can be much more prevalent in women, younger people, and for those with previously diagnosed mental conditions,” notes Laurie Singer, MS, LMFT, BCBA, a licensed psychotherapist, board-certified behavior analyst and family/child therapist in Camarillo, CA. SAD is believed to be caused by shorter days and less sunlight. Essentially, this can lead to a disruption in our body’s internal clock, or circadian rhythm, and may trigger a chemical change in the brain, leading to depression symptoms. Symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder The symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder can vary from person to person, but they often share common signs and experiences. Singer adds that these symptoms can range from mild to even debilitating for some. Here are the symptoms of SAD as noted by Johns Hopkins Medicine: Seasonal Affective Disorder Symptoms: Normal Winter Blues vs SAD While many people feel a bit down during the colder months, SAD is more than a case of the typical winter blues. The symptoms of SAD are more severe and can significantly interfere with your daily life. However, it can be a bit difficult to distinguish between the winter blues from SAD. Especially since symptoms can range in severity and length of time.  “Certainly if someone deals with the feelings associated with SAD on a regular, seasonal basis, it’s a safe bet that they could be diagnosed,” says Singer. However, even if someone isn’t experiencing SAD but has the winter blues with desperation and sadness mixed in, they’re also a good candidate to seek professional help. SAD can also look like someone feeling down for extended periods of time–not knowing why they are sad and simply just cannot shake the feeling. These are all signs of Seasonal Affective Disorder. “The most important thing to remember is that SAD is almost always temporary and there are steps we can take to help alleviate some of the symptoms,” says Singer.  How to Relieve Symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder During the Holidays The holiday season can be a particularly challenging time for those dealing with SAD and the winter blues. Thankfully, there are several ways to help alleviate symptoms and improve your mood. 1. Leave your holiday decorations up longer Who says you have to take your tree down the day after Christmas? Having a fun and decorated living space can have a huge impact on your mood. Instead of rushing to take down your holiday decorations immediately after the festivities, consider leaving them up a bit longer if they make you happy. The twinkle of colorful lights, family holiday cards, and the cheer of festive ornaments all around can create a warm and cozy atmosphere that boosts your spirits. 2. Get outside This may be easier said than done (especially if you live in an area where temperatures drop below freezing) but try to step outside at least once a day. Bundle up and get as much sun as you can. “This has a direct impact on our serotonin levels and can make a huge difference,” says Singer. Experts at the Cleveland Clinic share the same recommendation and note that more sunlight can help improve SAD symptoms. They also recommend increasing the amount of sunlight in your home or office by opening blinds and curtains. 3. Get a sunrise alarm clock One method that most people don’t know about is morning light therapy. Particularly using artificial light to gradually wake you up instead of a blaring alarm clock in the dark to jolt you awake. With these unique clocks, you’ll start by setting the time you want to wake up. Then about 20 to 30 minutes before your alarm goes off, the clock will begin to light up gradually–simulating a natural sunrise in your room. “This tells our body that we’re approaching the time to wake, and cortisol is released. So when the alarm goes off our bodies are better prepared and waking isn’t such a shock to the system,” says Singer. In fact, experts at UW Medicine also note that gradual wakeups can be better for cardiac function. Meaning less stress on the heart, blood pressure, and nervous system when waking up. 4. Positive self-talk Another simple yet very effective method of coping with SAD is through positive self-talk. Singer says that means reassuring yourself that this is only a temporary condition. “Just knowing there’s a finish line can boost a person’s morale,” she goes on. Try setting a reminder on your phone to go off each day around 8 pm or so and verbally say something like “I will get through this. This is only temporary. I will be okay.” 5. Don’t forget self-care Sometimes, when we feel down, we stop practicing basic self-care habits. While it might be easier to skip your skincare routine each night, it might actually feed into the depression even more. Remember to eat well, get some movement in, and keep up with your hygiene. It can all make a huge difference. Singer also mentions another critical factor. “While I do think being around loved ones during the holidays can have a beneficial impact, sometimes we need to consider ourselves first,” she says. That means not over-extending ourselves and saying no when you just don’t feel like it. “Remember that we can’t be ‘good’ for others unless we’re ‘good’ to ourselves,”

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Different Coffee Types

Even if you’re a daily coffee drinker, there might be a lot of questions you have about this caffeine-filled beverage. Like, where does coffee come from? What’s a cortado? And does it matter which type of beans you buy?  We’re here to answer these questions, from exploring the origins of coffee beans to the differences between various brewing methods, with our ultimate guide to all things coffee.  Coffee Bean Types and Their Origins Coffee beans aren’t exactly beans–instead, they’re the seeds of the coffee plant, known scientifically as Coffea. Your morning cup of joe begins with the coffee plant producing small, cherry-like fruits, often referred to as coffee cherries. Inside each cherry are two seeds, which are commonly known as coffee beans. After harvesting, the coffee beans undergo processing to remove the outer layers of the cherry and extract the seeds. The extracted seeds are then dried and roasted to develop the flavors and aromas we associate with coffee. Ever wondered why different cups of coffee can taste so different from each other? There are many different coffee bean types on the market, and they’re cultivated in different places all over the world. Let’s break down the basics of common types of coffee beans and where they originate. Arabica Arabica coffee beans reign supreme in the coffee world, prized for their exceptional quality and nuanced flavors. Originating in the high-altitude regions of Ethiopia, these beans are cultivated from Latin America to Africa, and are characterized by a mild and aromatic profile.  Arabica beans boast a smoother, less acidic taste compared to their robusta counterparts, and are also usually more expensive. Connoisseurs appreciate the diverse flavor spectrum, ranging from fruity and floral notes to hints of chocolate and nuts. With lower caffeine content and a penchant for thriving in specific climates, Arabica remains the choice for specialty coffees. Robusta Robusta coffee beans offer bold, robust flavors and a higher caffeine punch. Originating in West Africa, these hardy beans have spread to tropical regions worldwide. Renowned for their resilience against pests and diseases, robusta plants thrive at lower altitudes in warmer climates.  The resulting coffee is distinctly strong, often described as earthy, woody, and with a hint of bitterness. Popular in instant coffee and espresso blends for its rich crema and affordability, robusta provides a caffeinated jolt appreciated by those seeking a more intense and straightforward coffee experience for a lower price tag.  Brewing Styles Beans aren’t the only aspect of your coffee that contribute to how it tastes–the brewing method makes a big difference, too. Read on to discover the many ways coffee can be brewed, each style influencing the final cup in its own unique way.  Drip Drip coffee is a classic and widely popular brewing method that involves pouring hot water over ground coffee beans, typically using an automatic drip coffee maker. This method allows for a convenient and consistent way to brew larger quantities of coffee. The water slowly drips through a filter containing coffee grounds, extracting flavors as it passes. Drip coffee is appreciated for its simplicity, ease of preparation, and the ability to produce a satisfying cup with a balanced flavor profile.  Espresso Espresso, a concentrated coffee shot brewed by forcing hot water through finely-ground coffee under high pressure, is the bold powerhouse of the coffee world. The result is a small but intense and flavorful shot, often forming the base for various coffee beverages. Characterized by a rich, full-bodied taste and a layer of crema on top, espresso is a quick, vibrant pick-me-up enjoyed on its own or as the foundation for drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, and Americanos (more on those later!) French Press The French Press is a manual coffee brewing method celebrated for its simplicity and ease of use at home. Coarse coffee grounds steep in hot water within a cylindrical glass or stainless steel container. After a few minutes, a plunger fitted with a metal or nylon mesh filter is pressed down, separating the grounds and leaving a full-bodied, flavorful coffee. The French Press allows for control over brewing time and is favored for its ability to highlight the nuanced flavors of coffee. Its straightforward design makes it a popular choice for those who appreciate a hands-on approach to their coffee ritual. AeroPress The AeroPress is a compact and innovative coffee brewing device that has gained a cult following among coffee enthusiasts. Similar to the French Press, it uses a combination of immersion and pressure, producing a concentrated and smooth cup of coffee. Coffee grounds and water steep together before a quick press forces the brew through a filter. This method allows for versatility, enabling you to experiment with grind size and brewing time for a customized coffee experience. The AeroPress is admired for its portability, ease of use, and the ability to produce a rich and flavorful coffee reminiscent of espresso. Pour Over Pour over coffee brewing is a meticulous, hands-on method that involves pouring hot water over coffee grounds in a controlled manner. This technique, often executed with a cone-shaped dripper and paper or metal filter, allows for precise control over variables like water flow rate and brewing time. The result is a clean, aromatic cup of coffee with a distinct flavor profile. Pour over enthusiasts appreciate the craftsmanship involved, as well as the ability to highlight the unique characteristics of different coffee beans. It’s a favorite for those who savor a more personalized coffee experience. Moka Pot The Moka pot, also known as a stovetop espresso maker, is an iconic brewing device that originated in Italy. It’s a compact, three-chambered pot that uses steam pressure to brew strong and flavorful coffee. Water in the bottom chamber is heated, creating pressure that forces it through finely ground coffee in the middle chamber. The result is a coffee with a rich, bold taste, often referred to as stovetop espresso. The Moka pot offers a convenient and affordable way to enjoy an espresso-like beverage without the need for an expensive espresso machine,

9 Unforgettable Movie Moms That Tugged at Our Heartstrings

Much of the time, moms don’t get the credit they deserve. Managing a million things behind the scenes, they give countless love, care, and energy to their families that doesn’t always get appreciated. That’s why we love watching movies with incredible mother characters, where their amazing qualities as a mom, woman, and hero are celebrated.  We’ve rounded up a list of our favorite movie moms that inspire us with their courage and resilience. From superhero matriarchs trying to save the world while raising a family, to the everyday heroes grappling with societal challenges, these movie moms have left a mark on our hearts. Let’s explore the heartwarming, sometimes humorous, and often downright heroic tales of these remarkable on-screen mothers. Helen Parr, better known as Elastigirl, emerged as a cinematic icon in Pixar’s “The Incredibles”, captivating audiences with her blend of superhero prowess and maternal strength. Voiced by Holly Hunter, Elastigirl is not only a crime-fighting matriarch but also a multifaceted character whose journey resonates with many mothers.  In a world where superheroes face public scrutiny and forced retirement, Elastigirl embodies resilience. Her elastic abilities symbolize the adaptability and stretch required in balancing family life with the demands of saving the world. Managing a household of superpowered children and a husband with equal parts grace and determination, she is the epitome of resourcefulness.As a mother, she is the epitome of resourcefulness, managing a household of superpowered children and a husband with equal parts grace and determination. Elastigirl’s character arc goes beyond physical flexibility, exploring emotional elasticity as well. From the initial reluctance to embrace her superhero identity to becoming the linchpin of her family’s reemergence, she undergoes a profound transformation. Her unwavering love for her children, Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack, is a driving force propelling a narrative deeply rooted in the human experiences of love, sacrifice, and resilience.  Molly Weasley, the nurturing heart of the Weasley family in the “Harry Potter” film series, portrayed by Julie Walters, stands as a beacon of maternal strength and warmth in the wizarding world. From the moment she welcomes Harry Potter into her bustling, ginger-haired household, Molly’s character embodies love, compassion, and fierce protectiveness. In addition to being something of a mother figure to Harry, Molly also has seven children of her own. She is always extending her maternal care to those who need it, whether they’re her blood kin or not, and possesses an unyielding determination to shield her loved ones from harm. Molly’s magic lies not just in her ability to cast spells but in creating a home filled with love and acceptance. Throughout the series, Molly perseveres while her ordinary wizarding family faces extraordinary circumstances. Her generous acts, such as knitting personalized Christmas jumpers, add layers to her character beyond mere magical prowess. Molly Weasley is a symbol of unwavering love and strength, reminding audiences of the power found in the bonds of family and the selfless acts of maternal love. In “A Quiet Place” , Emily Blunt’s portrayal of Evelyn Abbott brings a haunting poignancy to the post-apocalyptic narrative. As a mother navigating a world where silence is the key to survival, Evelyn’s character transcends traditional horror tropes to become a symbol of strength and maternal instinct. Evelyn faces the challenges of raising a family in a world plagued by extraterrestrial creatures that hunt based on sound. Blunt’s performance is a delicate balance of vulnerability and power as Evelyn strives to protect her children at any cost. The film explores the depths of a mother’s love in the face of unimaginable threats, with Evelyn adapting to the grim reality by creating a life where communication occurs through sign language and sound is treated as a deadly enemy. Evelyn’s journey is one of silent heroism, amplified by the absence of conventional dialogue. Every gesture, every expression, resonates with the weight of a mother’s determination to provide a semblance of normalcy for her children amidst chaos. Blunt’s nuanced portrayal elevates Evelyn Abbott beyond the horror genre, turning her into an enduring cinematic symbol of a mother’s unwavering love and sacrifice. Mrs. Gump, portrayed by Sally Field in “Forrest Gump”, is a character whose enduring love and wisdom shape the life of the titular Forrest Gump. As the mother of a man with a unique and simple outlook on life, Mrs. Gump embodies unwavering maternal devotion. Sally Field’s portrayal captures the essence of Mrs. Gump’s strength, grace, and total support for her son. In the face of societal challenges and Forrest’s own intellectual differences, she imparts crucial life lessons, encapsulated in the iconic phrase: “Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get.” This saying becomes a guiding principle for Forrest and a testament to Mrs. Gump’s wisdom. Mrs. Gump’s character undergoes the trials of single parenthood with grace and determination. Her sacrifices, from working at the local boarding school to ensure Forrest receives a proper education to advocating for his well-being, paint a picture of a mother who transcends societal expectations. Sally Field’s performance as Mrs. Gump adds depth to the film, making her an integral part of Forrest’s journey and a timeless representation of a mother’s enduring love and support. In the cinematic classic “The Sound of Music”, Julie Andrews brings to life the indomitable Maria von Trapp, a character based on the real-life Maria Augusta von Trapp. Maria’s character undergoes a transformative journey, from a free-spirited novice nun to the beloved matriarch of the von Trapp family. Julie Andrews infuses Maria with a joyous spirit, evident in the iconic hills of Austria scene where she twirls and sings “The Hills Are Alive.” Her infectious enthusiasm and love for music become a catalyst for transforming the lives of the seven von Trapp children and their stern widowed father, Captain Georg von Trapp. Maria’s strength lies not only in her musical talents but also in her ability to bring warmth and love to a household initially devoid of both. Her influence extends beyond a romantic connection with

14 Different Ways To Style Mom Jeans

Over the past few years, mom jeans have firmly cemented themselves as a versatile and timeless wardrobe essential. These relaxed fit jeans look great on everyone, can be dressed up or down, and a fashionable pair of mom jeans can instantly elevate an outfit and make you feel more confident.  What do we mean by “mom jeans?” Falling somewhere between skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans, mom jeans are typically characterized by their high rise landing around your belly button, loose fit, and tapered or straight leg. Originally popularized in the 1980s and 90s, these jeans have made a big comeback, and today, they stand as a fashionable staple for moms who crave comfort without compromising on style.  Once you’ve found your favorite pair of mom jeans, you may be wondering how exactly to style them or where to find fashion inspiration for moms. That’s where our guide comes in, offering practical style tips for moms and outfit ideas incorporating how to wear mom jeans. We’re here to help you elevate your style no matter the occasion–read on to discover new ways to style these jeans with our favorite versatile mom jeans outfits. Source: AbacaPress / For a put-together but ultimately still low-effort look, pair your favorite mom jeans with a classic tee and a sophisticated trench coat. This combination strikes the perfect balance between comfort and looking polished.  Opt for a well-fitted tee in a neutral hue, creating a clean canvas that complements the laid-back aesthetic of mom jeans. Adding the trench coat then offers a structured silhouette, adding a bit  of sophistication and making it suitable for various occasions. This trendy mom jeans look exudes a timeless style that can also effortlessly transition from day to night!  Source: Getty Images Casual fashion for moms is a necessity–so often you’re on the go and need to be comfortable, but still want to look cute. Styling your mom jeans with a pair of comfy sneakers allows you to do just that.  Choose sneakers that reflect your personal style, whether it’s classic white kicks for a clean look or colorful, chunky options for a bolder statement. You can pair this combo with a tee, sweater, or button down for an effortlessly cool vibe that also enhances your overall comfort factor. Fashion-forward and still practical for your dynamic lifestyle, this outfit is perfect for running errands or a casual lunch date.  Source: @camillecharriere Give your mom jeans outfit a touch of femininity by pairing the jeans with a sweet and frilly blouse. The casual charm of mom jeans is instantly elevated with the softness and grace of a blouse adorned with delicate details like ruffles, lace, or florals.  A tucked-in blouse or one that cinches at the waist can highlight the high waist of the jeans, creating an extra flattering silhouette. Plus this outfit is extra versatile, with the relaxed fit of mom jeans and the elegance of the blouse offering a combination suitable for both casual outings and semi-dressy occasions. Complete the look with ankle boots or dainty flats, and you’ll effortlessly exude your femininity while looking chic. Source: @alefehr on TikTok Infuse a dose of urban edge into your mom jeans look by pairing them with a vibrant graphic tee. Choose a tee that reflects your personality, whether it’s a vintage band logo, a quirky slogan, or an artsy print. This cool combination merges the retro charm of mom jeans with the bold and expressive nature of graphic tees.  Tuck the tee in slightly to accentuate the high-waisted silhouette of the jeans, let it billow untucked for an even more laidback look, or even select a crop top for a casual summer day. Complete the outfit with sneakers or ankle boots depending on where you’re headed next. This is a perfect go-to, casual look for busy moms who want to express their individuality through their style!   Source: @jacquelinexlouise on TikTok Cozy up your mom jeans this winter by pairing them with a chunky knit sweater, a classic combination that strikes the perfect balance between comfort and chic. The relaxed fit of mom jeans complements the oversized coziness of the knit, creating a laid-back and effortlessly cool ensemble.  Opt for a sweater in a neutral tone or go for a pop of color to add vibrancy to your look. Experiment with tucking in the sweater or letting it hang loose to figure out which silhouette you prefer. Perfect for chilly days at home or a relaxed weekend outing with your family, this is one of our favorite mom jean outfits, and brings together the best of comfort and style in a timeless and cozy package. Source: Madewell For a more dressy mom jeans outfit, pair the jeans with a crisp button-up shirt and a stylish belt, one of the best ways to put together a simple, polished, and elegant ensemble. Opt for a well-fitted shirt, either in a classic solid color or a chic pattern, tuck it into the high-waisted silhouette of the jeans, and further define your waist with a tasteful belt. This combination can seamlessly transition from a casual office day to a weekend brunch, showcasing the versatility of mom jeans. Complete the outfit with a pair of heels to elevate the look even more. With this pairing, you’ll give off an effortlessly put-together vibe that’s perfect for various occasions. Source: Unknown Embrace a sleek, streamlined look by pairing your mom jeans with a tucked-in tank top or bodysuit, a perfect summer look for grabbing a drink with your girlfriends. This cool combination not only accentuates a flattering silhouette through the high waisted jeans, it also instantly makes you look trendy and ready to take on the night.  Choose a tank top in a solid color or opt for a patterned bodysuit to add a touch of personality. Tucking it in not only defines your waist but also brings the outfit together, balancing the laid-back vibe of mom jeans. This versatile ensemble effortlessly transitions from day to night—pair