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We Spoke To An Astrologist — Here’s Your Wellness Horoscope Predictions For 2024

A new year is always ripe with possibility. And as we transition into 2024, rest assured there’s something in store for every star sign

Susan Miller of Astrology Zone says “January is due to be a sweet and highly productive month, so I urge you to set things in motion.” Both Jupiter and Mercury will be direct (as opposed to in retrograde), and Mars will enter its exaltation sign of Capricorn on the 4th. So, if you’ve got dreams to chase, visions to actualize, or projects to begin, now is the time. 

Miller tells us that the week of January 13th in particular, with Mercury back in Capricorn, is an excellent time to jumpstart those plans. If you want to know what that means for you, read your complete January 2024 wellness horoscope below. 

January 2024 Wellness Horoscopes

Want to know your January 2024 wellness horoscope? Here’s what Miller had to say:


“Aries is starting the New Year full of optimism, especially about prospects for career advancement,” says Miller. Life will be full speed ahead, it seems. You’ll want to channel your energy into conscious efforts that propel your professional self forward. Seize any opportunity to take matters into your own hands, as January will be a time to lead with ambition and power. 


Now is the time to add spontaneity and fun to your routine, Taurus. If you’re aching to travel, look into a distant future trip, “for you have powerful planetary support to make your dream come true,” says Miller. Embrace the opportunity to experience the world and broaden your perspectives, seeking out experiences that differ from your everyday life. Miller reminds us that “many of the acorns you are planting now will grow into oak trees.” 


January will be a season of rebirth – particularly of the self. “You will feel newly energized as you enter January,” says Miller, “ready to set things in motion.” Therefore, this transformative period is an ideal time to make space for intimate relationships and quality time – both with yourself and with others. This might involve releasing things that no longer serve you. Honor any arising impulses. 


As the new year unfolds, cast your gaze on your relationships, Cancer. “Your focus will be on your spouse or steady sweetheart after the new moon at 21 degrees in your opposite sign of Capricorn appears on January 11,” says Miller. Pause to make sure you’re receiving the support you deserve, and take this opportunity to refresh your connections


“This new moon will bring some happy surprises in the days and weeks to come,” says Miller. Therefore, you’ll want to conserve your energy for what matters most. (And make sure you’re not barreling towards burnout.) Use this month to assess your indulgences and figure out where additional structure or routine could be beneficial. January will be a period of self-discovery and strategic planning for all the goodness that’s coming. 


The influx of Capricorn energy will elevate the passion in your life, Virgo. “And as of January 4, you will also have high-action Mars in this area for the first time in two years, helping you find and attract precisely the kind of person you’d like to meet with whom you can build a genuine, long-term relationship,” says Miller. January will be about actively participating in things that bring you joy. Take a deep breath, and allow yourself to make room. 


Have you been thinking about moving or renovating or refurbishing your present space? “Because January is the ideal time to do so for Libra,” says Miller “Take some time to pinpoint what, exactly, will bring you a sense of peace. Then, follow through with it. January is about constructing your physical and emotional sanctuaries – or at least setting the wheels in motion. 


As we enter a new year, consider how you communicate with others and how they communicate with you. “Talks will become important and intensify after the new moon arrives in Capricorn,” says Miller. Brace yourself for a shift in expression, and “in some areas, language will need to be changed to better protect your interests.” 


Get ready for some financial shifts, Sagittarius. “It’s a New Year, and you’re determined to find a way to make more money,” says Miller. “Your timing is superb.” Take this opportunity to ask for a raise or find a new job. However, make sure you are financially stable before doing so. As long as you’re careful, you’ll find yourself on solid ground. 


Considering it’s the height of Capricorn season, you’re spending January in the spotlight. “You will feel more control over events than you’ve felt in months,” says Miller. Use this time to reflect upon and celebrate your achievements in 2023. Allow yourself to bask in your successes and accomplishments before heading on to the next endeavor. 


There is plenty of transformation on your horizon, Aquarius. But don’t worry – it won’t all unfold at once. Spend some time this month looking internally and developing your spiritual routines and practices. These will serve as your anchors in the shifting seasons to come. “All month, you will be extremely intuitive — even psychic — so be sure to take your hunches seriously. Your instincts are there to protect you,” says Miller. 


As January unfolds, you might find yourself pondering any lingering goals or dreams. Embrace the opportunity to understand yourself and your desires. Refresh your sense of identity and discover how it aligns with the world around you. Miller tells us that “this month sparkles for you and will urge you to be out and about, enjoying all those you love and who love you.”

January 2024 Wellness Horoscope

As you can see, January 2024 has something in store for everyone. Regardless of what your January 2024 wellness horoscope reveals, we encourage you to embrace the new year and season with your arms wide open. You never know what blessings are waiting around the corner.