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Inspiring Bohemian Kitchen Decor for the Modern Mom

Boho-inspired spaces embody a free-spirited aesthetic that blends various elements of culture and artistic expression into a single, eclectic style. Unlike traditional kitchens with modern amenities and sleek finishes, bohemian decor reflects natural materials and often showcases trinkets and ornamental pieces collected while traveling. This creates a uniquely boho look that transforms any kitchen space into a gorgeous bohemian kitchen.

Want to incorporate some bohemian flair into your kitchen design? Here’s a look at what Boho style is all about.

What is Bohemian Decor? 

Before we delve into the specifics of boho kitchen decor, let’s clarify the bohemian design style. Emerging in 19th-century Paris, the boho aesthetic was inspired by artists, writers, performers, and nomads who believed that creativity was more valuable than money. And by converging their respective cultures, these creatives forged what would soon become an incredibly popular interior design trend.

Bohemian-inspired rooms are notorious for their lack of structure. Instead, they opt for ‘carefree’ layers of texture, bold colors, and patterns. While there are some commonalities amongst bohemian-styled abodes, you won’t find a rigid set of design rules like those of modern or minimalist styles. Instead, the bohemian design beautifully rests atop a foundation of authenticity and relaxation. Simply put: boho kitchen decor serves no agenda other than one’s own enjoyment.

Your Guide to Boho Kitchen Decor

Now that we’ve covered what bohemian style is, how do you implement it? If you need some bohemian kitchen decor inspo, here are ten inspiring ideas: 

1. Use Reclaimed Wood (And Other Natural Materials)

Bohemian kitchens prioritize materials that create a warm and welcoming environment. Therefore, avoid excessive use of metal and glass, as this can sometimes cultivate a clinical or overly modern feel. Instead, pull from natural elements. Rely heavily on large expanses of wood, and use reclaimed wooden shelving to house your earthenware, mug collection, teapots, family photos, potted plants, and vases.

Note that you can avoid creating an overwhelming ‘wall’ of wood by balancing out the room’s other finishes. (Think: pale walls, simple handles, antique backsplashes, etc.)

2. Blend the Old and New

Is your kitchen stocked with modern appliances and a marble countertop? Embrace it! Boho-style kitchens seamlessly blend the old and the new. And you can easily tone down your modern fixtures with vintage lighting, open shelving, and wooden cabinetry. By balancing interesting layers (that are not too carefully curated), you’ll be able to create a timeless space that inspires eclecticism. 

3. Mix and Match Patterns

A mishmash of vibrant colors, bold finishes, and eye-catching patterns cultivates a visually engaging, eclectic ambiance (aka bohemian at its finest). To do so seamlessly, interweave several texture patterns within a single color palette. You could also experiment with complimentary colors (which are ones that fall opposite one another on the color wheel). Our favorite combinations include:

  • Coral/antique red and blue 
  • Green and purple

Another way to blend patterns like a bohemian is to start with a staple piece and work around that. If you have a vintage Persian rug, for example, choose pieces that complement its existing color scheme. 

4. Opt for Open Shelving 

If you desire boho kitchen decor, replace your traditional, fixed-wall cabinetry with open shelving, as this creates a brighter, more characteristic space. Not only is open shelving enormously functional, but it’s an ideal way to showcase your beloved trinkets and decorative features. And displaying plants and aromatic herbs amongst vintage glassware is an easy way to cultivate that earthy, naturally bohemian feel. 

5. Select Bright Colors in Light Spaces

Boho kitchen decor thrives on warm, bright colors and natural light. And if you’re unsure how to incorporate those into your kitchen design? Opt for a vibrant kitchen island that contrasts with your cabinetry. Or consider painting the floors a quirky checkerboard pattern. If possible, invest in volume ceilings with skylights and plenty of windows, as natural lighting is the best way to accentuate bright colors. 

6. Add Plenty of Greenery

As we mentioned, bohemian kitchen inspiration comes from the natural world. That means plants of all kinds should be welcomed in your kitchen. And not only does greenery offer an earthy, organic, and informal look that accentuates boho kitchen decor, but many indoor plants are also air purifiers. Note that moderate to high-humidity-loving plants will thrive in your kitchen. 

7. Maximize Small(er) Spaces

If your kitchen is on the smaller side, maximalism is a phenomenal way to cultivate that cozy, bohemian flair. Decorate your open shelving with plant life, artwork, vintage glassware, and homemade objects. Additionally, consider creating a gallery wall of paintings, sconces, ceramics, hanging pots, and photographs that you’ve collected from your travels. 

8. Don’t Forget to Incorporate Softer Elements

As we mentioned, bohemian kitchen decor is all about seamlessly blending differing elements. Therefore, it’s important to contrast your wooden shelving and industrial accent pieces with softer elements (like woven baskets and pillow-laden breakfast nooks). 

9. Rely on Ambient Lighting

Candles, table lamps, and lanterns offer that warm, ambient lighting that is characteristic of boho kitchen decor. (And we recommend scattering taper and votive candles just about anywhere you can fit them.) Additionally, boho lighting also includes flashy vintage chandeliers that are sourced abroad–just make sure to balance them with warmer, neutral room decor. 

10. Celebrate Global Influences

Boho kitchens aren’t merely dishing out global cuisine, but they celebrate culture on every inch of wall space. Many of you already know that Cambodian Ikat and Persian area rugs are widely used in Bohemian decor. (Consider layering rugs for even more visual interest.) Additionally, bohemians will decorate their shelving and walls with beloved art pieces and global trinkets that they’ve collected (and cherished!) throughout the years. 

The Final Word on Boho Kitchen Decor

Would you like to give your kitchen a bohemian touch? We hope that today’s article offered a bit of inspiration. Because bohemian decor is free-spirited by nature, rest assured that there is no right (or wrong) way to do it. Implementing boho kitchen decor is all about cultivating a space that brings you joy–so determine which of the aforementioned design idea(s) resonate the most and start there. 

Want more home decorating inspiration and how-to guides? Head over to the Decorating & Decor section of our website–we have a feeling you’ll like what’s in store.