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moms openly opting for health


We are a company focused on mom.

We obsess over each and every article we publish because our readers deserve nothing less than excellence! We remain open minded and unbiased, encouraging women to choose what content works for them and to elicit action from each mom to get moving towards a better life. We aim to create a community that you can’t wait to join.


We are a young company with so much love for our space. We started mooh in 2022 as a mom lifestyle blog eager to share our secrets to living a more holistic life. Our spark was lit after speaking with hundreds of women, learning of a common frustration toward online resources. Many felt overwhelmed and confused by articles with conflicting opinions, creating a lack of clarity. We knew we could, and needed to, do better for the women who do so much! Inspired to create consistent content that empowers and brings peace of mind, we began our journey of curating articles to provide women a reliable resource for all things mom. 


Our mooh team currently consists of five strong minded women based across the US. Driven by purpose and a deep love for all things women, we each bring a unique elegance to the brand.