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Creative Halloween Costume Ideas to Stand Out from the Crowd

Whether you’re going trick-or-treating with your children or attending a slew of Halloween parties, you and your partner will need some unique costume ideas to stand out from the crowd this Halloween season. 

Thankfully, our team has scoured the Pinterest boards on your behalf, and we’re revealing the best Halloween costumes to steal the show down below.

Halloween Costumes to Steal the Show

Here are some couple’s Halloween costumes that are guaranteed to turn heads:

Barbie and Ken

The Barbie premiere was a hallmark of 2023 pop culture. For that reason, we simply had to include Barbie and Ken in our list of Halloween costumes. With so many variations to choose from, you can conjure this look with items already in your closet. We recommend modeling your look after Margot Robbie’s classic character with a super-feminine, pink dress and pumps. 

Bob Ross and His Painting

If you’re looking for a clever Halloween costume idea, we recommend dressing up as Bob Ross and one of his paintings. Grab an afro wig for your husband. Then, dress yourself in brown and decorate with handmade paper leaves. 

Eggs and Bacon

Sunnyside-up eggs and sizzling slices of bacon are everyone’s favorite breakfast duo. However, they’re also incredibly easy costumes to make at home. If you want to take the easier route, there are an abundance of breakfast t-shirts online. And if you’re more on the creative side, you can make your own props at home using a bit of cardboard. 

Hawaiian Punch

This punny couple’s Halloween costume blends a Hawaiian luau dancer with a boxer, although it doesn’t matter which partner is which. Personally? We love that each aspect of this costume works on its own, making it ideal for mingling at Halloween parties. 

Edward and Vivian from Pretty Woman

Not only is Pretty Woman one of the most iconic movies of all time, but the main characters offer two of the best Halloween costumes to steal the show. Banking on the fact that one of you already has a suit, all you have to do is pair Vivian’s iconic cut-out dress with a blonde bob and black, knee-high boots.

Sushi and Soy Sauce

Sushi and soy sauce are yet another Halloween duo guaranteed to get a laugh. One partner dresses in all brown with a homemade ‘soy sauce’ label. The other partner wears a white shirt and wraps a salmon-colored pillow around their waist using a green, seaweed-esque scarf. 

Willy Wonka and a Golden Ticket

If you want to stand out on Halloween night, dress as Willy Wonka and a golden ticket. Gene Wilder’s iconic purple coat and top hat are easy enough to find at your local thrift shop. And most ladies can manage dressing in a golden ensemble.


Dressing as bikers is yet another couple’s costume idea requiring only a few items (that you probably already have in your closet). If you want to add a creative twist, dress one partner up in motorcycle leather while the other wears a cyclist’s uniform. 

Amazon Delivery

If you’re one of those couples who live for Prime Day, this is the costume for you. One partner can wear Amazon’s signature blue vest (or a DIY version) while the other fastens some boxes around their middle. 

Baby and Johnny Castle from Dirty Dancing

If you and your partner have killer dance moves, then it’s only right for you to dress as Baby and Johnny Castle from Dirty Dancing. While there are many iconic outfits in this movie, we recommend donning the classic pink dress and black shirt from their final number. 

Fred and Wilma from The Flinstones

Part of the beauty of dressing as cave-people is the fact that you can easily recreate these outfits using a pair of thrift-store bed sheets and scissors. And because there are so many characters in this beloved cartoon, you can coordinate with your entire friend group. 

Loofah and Soap

A loofah and soap is another DIY Halloween costume that’s guaranteed to get some laughs. Dress yourself in a tulle skirt and top, then have your partner don a sandwich board (or cardboard box) that says ‘soap.’ Bonus points if you cover yourselves in white, ‘soapy’ balloons. 

Disco Dancers

Buy a pair of matching afro wigs and dress up as a couple of disco dancers. Take advantage of the opportunity to play around with fun, extravagant accessories. You can even carry around a miniature disco ball. 

Pam and Jim from The Office

If you and your partner recently binged the office (as many of us do several times a year), you should dress as the star couple. All you really need is office clothes, as Jim often sports a button-down and tie while Pam loves a good cardigan and pencil skirt combination. 

Green with Envy

This punny Halloween costume is incredibly easy to create. One partner simply dresses in green while the other dons a shirt that says ‘envy.’ Plus, this is a perfect excuse to hold hands all night, as being ‘with’ one another is part of the joke. 

Halloween Costumes to Steal the Show

If you and your partner were looking for Halloween costumes to steal the show, we hope that today’s article offered a bit of inspiration. Have fun, stay safe, and enjoy celebrating Halloween season in style.