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Comfortable Shoes for Moms with Hip Pain: Our Top Picks

Maintaining our hip health is one of the little-known keys to pain-free mobility. While many of us don’t think about our hips too often, they provide a strong foundation for our upper limbs, create balance within our bodies, and keep us moving. And because we use our hips just about every day, it’s not uncommon for women to experience hip pain at some point or another. 

Unfortunately, hip pain makes ordinary movements — like walking, running, climbing stairs, stretching, etc. — incredibly painful. However, the good news is that there are simple home remedies that can help. For example, if you’re experiencing chronic hip pain, shelving the high heels or dress shoes and switching to supportive shoes might offer some relief. 

If you want to learn the twenty best shoes for hip pain, keep scrolling. Our team has done the research and is revealing the right shoes for slip disc and hip pain down below.

What Causes Hip Pain?

Before we dive into our favorite hip pain relief shoes, it’s helpful to understand what causes hip discomfort. According to Andrew B. Richardson, MD, hip pain arises from a variety of conditions. And while osteoporosis is the leading cause of hip pain in middle-aged and senior adults, it also stems from problems inside the joint, outside the immediate joint, and conditions arising beyond the hip–like your lower back or a lower limb. 

Additionally, overuse or trauma can damage your muscles, bones, tendons, fibers, and ligaments. That’s why athletes or people who perform repetitive motions are more prone to developing hip or joint pain. These people are also at risk for developing plantar fasciitis since their feet are constantly under pressure. 

What to Look for in Shoes for Slip Disc and Hip Pain?

So, what should you look for in shoes for moms with back and hip problems? Well, according to Dr. Glenn M. Flanagan of Naples Regenerative Institute, “You should make sure that the shoes you choose are the correct size and shape for your feet. If you have wide feet, buy wide shoes. Extra-wide shoes are also available so you can avoid feeling obligated to purchase a size up to accommodate your feet.” 

From there, make sure your shoes have incredibly good arch support. A strong arch prevents the foot from rolling inward and reduces the amount of torque generated in your gate. As a result, it minimizes the amount of stress put on your hip. 

In addition to arch support, the best shoes for hip pain are flexible. Flexibility decreases the amount of dorsiflexion and plantar flexion in the foot, which minimizes the pressure sent to your hips. To determine whether your shoes are flexible enough, twist them at the center. If they twist fairly easily, you’re good to go. 

Finally, look for shoes that have rubber or durable outsoles, as this creates stability and prevents you from overloading your joints. 

And of course, “if you struggle to find a shoe that fits your fancy and has built-in support, you can always get orthotics for the shoes,” says Dr. Flanagan. Orthotics “help distribute the pressure across your feet when you stand and walk.” 

20 Best Shoes for Hip Pan

Finding the right pair of shoes is essential for eliminating hip and knee pain. And now that we’ve covered what to look for in women’s supportive shoes, here are our top picks for shoes for moms with back and hip problems:

1. Hoka One One Bondi 8

If you’re looking for a shoe with tons of cushioning, this is it. Hoka One One’s Bondi 8 features a soft, responsive sole that allows you to move longer sans pain, and the mesh upper offers ample support. Thanks to the exuberant amount of cushioning, these shoes are some of the most comfortable shoes for moms. They’re designed for walks around the block, trips to the playground, and everything in between. 

Price: $165

2. Altra Running Via Olympus

Also incredibly thick and cushioned, the Altra Running Via Olympus are another comfy option for busy moms. This lightweight shoe has a low heel-to-toe drop, which creates less overall impact. And because they have a wide toe box, thick soles, and great traction, they’re designed to minimize instability while increasing proprioception. Essentially, that means they decrease the loading forces on the hip joint – which reduces pain. 

Price: $170

3. Talya Slip-Resistant 

These women’s everday shoes come with removable anatomical arch support that maximizes comfort and relieves pain caused by plantar fasciitis. And if you have particularly low arches, an additional arch booster is available to increase support. The wider toe box also relieves pressure on sensitive feet. Personally? We love how these shoes are engineered to be both water and stain resistant. 

Price: $150

4. New Balance 928v3

The New Balance 928v3 is equipped with tons of foot-friendly features (including a cushioned sole and tremendous arch support). Additionally, it’s designed with a foam footbed, making it extra comfy and stable for people with sensitivity or foot pain. We also love how it comes in three color options and half sizes. 

Price: $155

5. Ryka Influence Training Shoe

These comfortable shoes for moms were designed for low-impact activities like walking or dancing. The breathable mesh fabric keeps things breezy when you’re out and about, and the lace-up front tailors to every foot shape. Additionally, the pivot point’s traction supports joint stability, and their lighter weight makes these shoes a versatile option for everyday wear. 

Price: $90

6. Vionic Women’s Walker Classic Shoes

Vionic’s Women’s Walker Leisure Shoes for hip pain feature an orthopedic insole that’s designed to provide maximum comfort and support. Aside from that, these shoes have a leather and suede upper, removable EVA footbed, and a durable, non-slip rubber outsole. And thanks to their built-in elevation of ½ inch, they reduce pressure on the hips when walking. (Just note that they aren’t designed for rigorous activity.) 

Price: $110

7. Merrel Women’s Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

If you’re more of the outdoorsy type, Merrel’s Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots are for you. Specifically, they’re made to support your hips and lower limbs during lengthy hiking treks. Featuring durable leather with waterproof membranes, these boots have a supportive footbed; air cushion in the heel (to absorb shock and support stability); a lightweight, foam midsole for stability and comfort; and Merrel’s signature Vibram® TC5+ traction for all-around grip and durability. 

Price: $100

8. Allbirds Women’s Trail Runners SWT

As we mentioned, flexible shoes are ideal for hip pain. And not only are the Allbirds Trail Runners flexible, but their seven-millimeter heel-to-toe drop kicks offer all-terrain traction. Essentially, that means these shoes are ready to hit the pavement, gravel, dirt, sandbox, turf, mulch, and anywhere else mom life leads you. (Bonus: the water-repellent finish is engineered to keep your toes dry, always.)

Price: $140

9. Asics Gel-Kayano 29

Asics’ Gel-Kayano 29 boasts a supportive fit, plus gel cushioning in the heel and forefoot. These are comfortable shoes for moms who overpronate, as they’re engineered to absorb shock and distribute the push away from the front of the foot. And thanks to their knit upper, these shoes are ultra-breathable and lightweight in design. 

Price: $160

10. Scarpa Spin Planet Women’s

Scarpa’s newest running shoe features a high-volume cushioned midsole that offers plenty of support. Additionally, the rubber outsole is designed to maximize both grip and durability. But personally? We think the coolest thing about these hip pain relief shoes is the fact that the upper, midsole, and outsole are all composed of recycled rubber. 

Price: $160

11. Under Armor UA Tribase Reign 5 Training Shoes

Under Aromor’s UA Tribase Reign 5 Training shoe is complete with responsive foam cushioning and a rubber outsole, making it one of the best shoes for hip pain. Because it offers immense flexibility — while simultaneously supporting balance — these are a great option for moms with severe hip pain and/or osteoporosis of the hip joint. 

Price: $130

12. Propét Women’s Stability Walker Sneaker

Not only does this shoe feature a supple EVA foam midsole to support your foot’s arch, but it is designed to limit pronation and supination. The lightweight, comfortable cushion doubles as a shock absorber, and it supports your foot’s natural movement (which takes the stress off your hips). And if you need extra arch support? Propét’s Stability Walker Sneaker comes with a removable orthotic footbed. 

Price: $100

13. Birkenstock Tokio Super Grip

While not exactly an athletic shoe, the Birkenstock Tokio Super Grip has a generous fit and supportive footbed that make it incredibly comfortable. Because the footbed molds to your feet, it supports your natural arch and encourages even weight distribution. For those reasons, it promotes good stability and foot posture while simultaneously lessening the impact on your hips and lower limbs. 

Price: $155

14. Inov-8 All Train 215

This versatile shoe for hip pain truly is designed for a bit of everything–wear them while you’re running errands, jogging, interval training, or lifting. The molded EVA foam insole is designed to offer comfortable, lightweight cushioning, and it delivers fantastic arch support. Additionally, the upper features an AdapterFit Met-cradle casing over a mesh liner, which supports your foot while still allowing for natural movement. And of course, the generous toe box allows your toes to splay naturally. 

Price: $80

15. Brooks Addiction Walker

Brooks Addiction Walker features their proprietary BioMoGo DNA cushioning, which deflects impact away from the body and offers maximum support. Additionally, the Progressive Diagonal Rollbar is engineered to strategically position the arch support to align with your body’s natural path of motion. For those reasons, we recommend these shoes to moms with flat feet or medium arches. 

Price: $130

16. Gravity Defyer Women’s GDEFY MATeeM Athletic Shoes

Gravity Defyer’s MATeeM Athletic Shoes offers full-sole shock absorption, protection, energy return, and stability whenever you need it. Equipped with their VersoShock® patented technology and exclusive multi-density polymer VersoCloud® spring cell sole, these pain relieving shoes are some of the best on the market. Because they’re designed to deliver eight-hour comfort, they’re ideal for traveling long distances. 

Price: $160

17. Kuru Footwear QUANTUM

QUANTUM is one of Kuru’s bestselling shoes for people with plantar fasciitis, heel pain, bone spurs, fallen arches, and other problems. The generous, ultra-spacious toe box gives your feet plenty of space, and the built-in arch support custom molds to your feet. As a result, these shoes are as comfortable as they are supportive. 

Price: $160

18. Walk Hero Women’s Ease Hug Arch Support Sneakers

These are some of the best walking shoes for moms, as they’re engineered for next-level comfort. Boasting a cushiony, moisture-wicking, and odor-reducing insole, they are ideal for all-day wear. And because the superior arch support lessens strains on the plantar, these shoes offer lasting support and help with balance. Additionally, the ergonomic cushioning protects your muscles and joints from impact. The best part? The interior orthopedic footbed optimizes your foot position as you move – which corrects pronation and realigns your body’s posture.

Price: $95

19. New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam X More V4 

These uber-cushioning shoes are some of the best for hip pain – and it’s not hard to see why! Designed with plantar fasciitis in mind, they feature fresh foam cushioning that delivers exceptional support and comfort. And their lightweight and breathable mesh is ideal for everyday wear. Of course, the supportive sole helps maintain proper foot positioning, which reduces the risk of both discomfort and injury. 

Price: $150

20. La Sportiva Jackal Women’s 

Last but not least, La Sportiva’s popular running shoes are designed with comfort in mind. They’re equipped with plush cushioning, a wider fit, and high volume, supporting your feet and lower limbs throughout long excursions. And their innovative combination of EVA and Infinituu™ PU midsole inserts is ideal for long-distance cushion and stability. 

Price: $165

Best Shoes for Hip Pain

If you’re experiencing hip pain or discomfort, your shoes might be to blame. While they might not be able to solve every problem, these 20 best shoes for hip pain can help you—almost literally—put your best foot forward.