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Top 10 Healthy Meal Delivery Services for Your Entire Family

Keeping up with the demands of modern life is no easy task for parents, who are constantly juggling busy schedules and multiple responsibilities. That’s where healthy meal delivery services come in. In today’s fast-paced world, parents are constantly juggling busy schedules and multiple responsibilities. Raising kids, having a career, keeping the house clean, taking care of yourself–the list can be endless. So when parents have to add on planning and cooking healthy meals every single day, it can get a bit overwhelming. 

Healthy meal delivery services are a great option for families seeking convenience, variety, quality ingredients, healthier eating habits, and more family time. 

So many families are outsourcing their meal planning and preparation process with these kinds of services. Are you ready to reclaim your time and feel less stressed when it comes to preparing meals? Read on for the top 10 healthy meal delivery services your entire family will enjoy. 

In a hurry? Skip to the top 10 healthy meal delivery services:

  1. Dinnerly
  2. Home Chef
  3. Sunbasket
  4. HelloFresh
  5. Blue Apron
  6. CookUnity
  7. EveryPlate
  8. Factor
  9. Marley Spoon
  10. Purple Carrot

1. Dinnerly

dinnerly - Healthy Meal Delivery Services

One of the reasons why Dinnerly stands out from other home delivery meal kit services is its affordability. While many meal kit companies charge moderate prices for their services, Dinnerly offers delicious and high-quality meals at a fraction of the cost. This makes them an excellent choice for budget-conscious individuals or families looking to save money without compromising on taste or variety.

Plus, with over 100 meals to choose from each week, they have one of the most robust menus in the meal delivery kit service market. More meal choices mean keeping everyone at the table happy–one less thing you have to worry about. 

Key highlights

  • 100+ meals to choose from weekly
  • Kid-friendly options
  • Picky eater approved
  • Affordable compared to other meal services
Diet OptionsFamily-friendly, vegetarian, vegan, healthy, and reduced-carb
Delivery AreaAvailable in 48 North American states
PriceStarts at $4.99 per person

2. Home Chef 

home chef - Healthy Meal Delivery Services

Home Chef has delivered over 320 million meals to families in the United States. There’s no wonder they made our list. What we love about them is that you can choose from their standard menu, or a family plan. The family plan is great for easy-to-make, cost-effective meals with family-friendly flavors. It has some of the same types of meals as their standard menu, plus new fun offerings like taco kits coming out consistently.

We also love that families have the option to choose between their classic meal kits or oven-ready meals. Does little-to-no prep, simple cooking methods and easy cleanup sound great to you? Then the oven-ready fresh & easy plan is probably best. Want to have a family cooking night involving everyone? The classic meal kits are your go-to!

Key highlights

  • Your choice of classic meal kits or oven-ready options
  • Customizable meals
  • Family plan options
Diet OptionsCalorie-conscious, carb-conscious and vegetarian
Delivery AreaAvailable to 98% of the United States
PriceStarts at $9.99 per person

3. Sunbasket 

sun basket - Healthy Meal Delivery Services

This might be one of the healthiest meal delivery services out there. From diverse menu choices to an emphasis on high-quality ingredients, Sunbasket has revolutionized the way families approach mealtime. If organic, clean ingredients are non-negotiable, this is the meal delivery service for you. “We believe everyone deserves to enjoy good food made from clean, high-quality ingredients and organic produce,” says a statement on their website. 

Something else to love is their charity efforts. By choosing this healthy eating meal delivery service, you’re also helping give back. Every week, Sunbasket donates an average of 1,000 pounds of unused food to food banks in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties, the New Jersey Agricultural Society Farmers Against Hunger, and Hope Food Pantry of Monroe Co.

Key highlights

  • Kits come with organic produce
  • Always clean ingredients
  • A focus on farm-fresh meals
Diet OptionsPaleo, vegetarian, gluten-free, carb-conscious, keto-friendly, Mediterranean, diabetes-friendly and pescatarian
Delivery AreaAvailable in most U.S. zip codes excluding AK, HI, MT, ND, and parts of NM
PriceStarts at $9.99 per person

4. HelloFresh 

hello fresh - Healthy Meal Delivery Services

Known as the #1 meal kit brand in America, you can’t go wrong with HelloFresh. Not only will you save time and effort in the kitchen, but HelloFresh makes cooking fun for the entire family. Each recipe comes with detailed step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow, making cooking a fun daily activity even the younger kids can participate in. 

Another thing to note is HelloFresh’s stance on waste. With every ingredient and condiment proportioned out appropriately, you are guaranteed less food waste with every meal. No more feeling bad wasting unused food and ingredients, your recipes will call for almost every last little bit!

Key highlights

  • Named as America’s #1 meal kit
  • Variety of recipes
  • Great customer service
  • Guarantees less food waste
Diet OptionsMeat & veggies, veggie, family-friendly, fit & wholesome and pescatarian
Delivery AreaAvailable in all states across the continental U.S.
PriceStarts at $8.99 per person

5. Blue Apron

blue apron - Healthy Meal Delivery Services

This healthy meal delivery service provides a wide variety of chef-designed recipes that cater to different dietary preferences and taste profiles. Blue Apron even uploads more than 70 different meal options each week. Whether your family prefers vegetarian dishes or craves bold flavors from around the world, Blue Apron has something for everyone.

Another key benefit of choosing Blue Apron is the quality of ingredients you’ll receive. All their food is sourced from trusted highly rated suppliers and delivered fresh to your doorstep. Not only do you get tasty new meals each week, but you’ll also know the food you choose is wholesome and nutritious.

Key highlights

  • Quality ingredients
  • 80% of ingredients come directly from producers
  • 70+ rotating weekly box meals
Diet OptionsVegetarian and holistic meal options
Delivery AreaAvailable in 48 North American states
PriceMeals are $7.99 – $11.99 per person

6. CookUnity 

cookunity - Healthy Meal Delivery Services

A less-known meal delivery service, but a great option nonetheless. CookUnity’s master recipe team is made up of 70+ award-winning chefs from all around the world. They also cook with the freshest ingredients. Specially picked seasonal produce and sustainably sourced meats are chosen for every meal.

But it doesn’t just stop there–their stance on zero-waste is turning heads! CookUnity partners with a female-founded reverse logistics company to accelerate the reuse of packaging, supporting efforts to upcycle and reuse all waste. So not only will you receive scrumptious chef-catered meals, but you also have the opportunity to support the environment too.

Key highlights

  • Prepared delicious meals with seasonal produce
  • Always sustainably sourced meats
  • Committed to zero-waste through upcycling
Diet OptionsSeafood, vegetarian, meat, poultry, vegan, low carbs, gluten-free, dairy-free, low sodium, keto and paleo options
Delivery AreaAvailable in most 48 North American states excluding parts of ND, SD, NE, CO, WY, MT and WV
PriceStarts at $11.09 per person

7. EveryPlate

everyplate - Healthy Meal Delivery Services

When it comes to feeding a busy family, convenience and affordability are key factors to consider. That’s where EveryPlate shines. With their wide range of delicious and nutritious meals delivered right to your doorstep, EveryPlate takes the stress out of meal planning and preparation for about half the cost of other meal delivery services.

Better yet? EveryPlate recipes can be made in 30 minutes or less. No more spending hours in the kitchen preparing meals for the family while hungry tummies are grumbling. In 6 simple steps, you’ll go from mom to star chef in a snap.

Key highlights

  • Very affordable compared to competitors
  • Meals are ready in 30 minutes or less
  • Partners with nationally recognized suppliers
Diet OptionsMeat & veggie, veggie, seafood, family faves and nutritious options
Delivery AreaAvailable in the vast majority of the continental U.S.
PriceStarts at $4.99 per person

8. Factor

factor meals

If your goal is to find healthy pre-made meals you can eat in less than 5 minutes, Factor is your go-to meal service. Delivered straight to your door with no mess and no stress. Busy parents can appreciate the extra time saved for each meal.

Another standout feature of Factor is their commitment to nutrition. Each pre-made meal is carefully crafted by professional chefs and dietitians to ensure your whole family is getting the essential nutrients they need. No more wondering if your kids are getting enough veggies or protein for dinner. You can rest assured knowing that every bite is packed with nutritious goodness.

Key highlights

  • Meals are designed by dietitians
  • Chef-prepared
  • Ready-made meals
  • 30+ menu items to choose from weekly
Diet OptionsKeto, high protein, vegan, vegetarian, low calorie and low carb options
Delivery AreaAvailable in 48 North American states
PriceStarts at $11 per person

9. Marley Spoon 

marley spoon

Another fantastic meal delivery service option if you’re looking for affordability. You can receive simple and healthy meal kits delivered straight to your door starting at $3.99 a person. You can definitely say that Marley Spoon is very cost-effective. By eliminating the need for frequent grocery shopping trips and reducing food waste through precise ingredient portions, this service helps families save money on their monthly food budget.

Not only does Marley Spoon offer variety with 100+ weekly recipes to choose from, but they also ensure quality. All their meals are made using fresh and high-quality ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers. This means you can feel good about what you’re serving your family without compromising on taste or quality.

Key highlights

  • 100+ weekly meals to choose from
  • Super affordable
  • Simple 6-step recipes
  • Focus on supporting local farmers
  • Supports sustainability carbon neutrality and recycling
Diet OptionsLow-carb, kid-friendly, gluten-free, meat, healthy, poultry, dairy-free, vegetarian, and pescatarian options
Delivery AreaAvailable in 48 North American states
PriceStarts at $3.99 per person

10. Purple Carrot 

purple carrot

Outrageously tasty, super satisfying plant-based meals–sounds great right? That’s what you get when you choose Purple Carrot. This healthy meal delivery service is for families who put a priority on plant-based food. And with their focus on high-protein meals, your family is sure to get nutrient-dense ingredients in each bite.

We also love that you can choose from traditional meal kit options or ready-to-go prepared meals. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, your family can choose from a variety of options. One reviewer even goes on to say “I’m amazed by both the quality of ingredients and the cleverness of the recipes. We are not vegan or even vegetarian, but I’m really happy to be adding plant-based meals to our diet.” 

Key highlights

  • Specializing in plant-based meals
  • Both meal kits and prepared meal options
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner options are available
Diet OptionsVegetarian, high-protein, gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free and high-fiber
Delivery AreaAvailable in 48 North American states
PriceStarts at $11 per person

Why Healthy Meal Delivery Services are Great

1. Convenient and Time-Saving

Healthy meal delivery services save so much time. No more grocery shopping or meal planning – just delicious meals delivered right to your door. 

2. High-Quality Ingredients

These services use high-quality ingredients, often organic produce and fresh veggies from local farmers. You get the best without the hassle.

3. Perfect for Various Dietary Needs

Whether you need low sodium, low carb, or have dietary restrictions, these services cater to all dietary needs with nutritious meals.

4. Great Variety

With a rotating weekly menu, you’ll never get bored. Companies like Dinnerly and Home Chef offer a wide variety of meal options to keep things exciting. It’s a great way to try new recipes you might not have otherwise chosen because of less common ingredients.

5. Support for Healthy Eating

Sticking to a healthy diet is easier with well-balanced meals delivered to your home. No more unhealthy takeout temptations!

6. Plant-Based Meal Options

If you’re into plant-based meals, services like Purple Carrot and Daily Harvest have you covered with delicious plant-based foods and plant-based proteins.

7. Reduction in Food Waste

Pre-portioned ingredients mean less food waste. No more throwing away unused produce from the grocery store.

8. Expertly Crafted Meals

Many services, including Blue Apron and Home Chef, offer chef-crafted meals and recipe cards, making it feel like you’re eating a home-cooked meal prepared by expert chefs.

9. Healthy Meal Plans for Fitness Goals

Meal delivery kits usually include healthy meal plans tailored for weight loss or muscle gain, helping you reach your fitness goals with ease.

10. Easy Meal Prep

Some services offer pre-made meals and ready meals that require minimal prep – just heat and eat!

11. Fresh Produce and Clean Ingredients

These services prioritize clean ingredients and fresh produce, ensuring your meals are both tasty and nutrient-dense.

12. Subscription Services for All

No matter where you live, most meal kit services deliver across various zip codes in the United States, making it convenient for everyone. If one service doesn’t deliver to your area, be sure to check another. Sometimes delivery options depend on your proximity to their facilities since the meals and shipped fresh.

13. Perfect for the Entire Family

With options that cater to the entire family, you can find something for everyone. Many meal services offer everything from healthy snacks, breakfast options, and hearty meals.

14. Customer Service

Companies like Blue Apron and Green Chef are known for their excellent customer service, ensuring a great experience from your first order to your last.

15. Free Delivery

Some of the best meal delivery services offer free delivery, making healthy eating more accessible without extra costs.

16. Farm Fresh Meals

Some services, like Purple Carrot, provide farm fresh meals, bringing the taste of fresh fruits and veggies straight to your table.

17. Meal Planning Made Easy

With meal kit delivery service, meal planning becomes a breeze. You can enjoy healthy, well-balanced meals without the hassle.

18. Healthy Snacks and More

Beyond meals, services like Daily Harvest also offer healthy snacks, grain bowls, and harvest bowls, perfect for those on-the-go moments.

19. Organic Ingredients

You can choose a meal delivery service that only uses organic ingredients. Organic ingredients are a priority for many services, ensuring you’re eating the healthiest meal possible.

20. Great Help for a Busy Lifestyle

For those with a busy lifestyle, meal delivery kits are a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing time or quality.

Whether you’re looking to eat meals that support a healthy lifestyle, meet dietary restrictions, or simply enjoy chef-crafted meals without the hassle, the best healthy meal delivery services have got you covered. With options like Blue Apron, Green Chef, and Purple Carrot, there’s something delicious and nutritious for everyone.

Things to Consider When Choosing Healthy Meal Delivery Services

When choosing the best meal delivery service for your family, here are some things to consider that you might not think of if you’ve never tried a healthy meal service before: 

1. Nutritional Value

  • Look for services that have well-balanced meal options with a good mix of proteins, healthy fats, and carbohydrates.
  • Check for options that align with your dietary needs, like low sodium, low carb, or high in fiber.

2. Quality of Ingredients

  • Choose services that use high-quality ingredients, like organic produce and lean proteins.
  • Ensure they source from local farmers or offer farm fresh meals to guarantee freshness.

3. Variety of Menu Options

  • Choose a service with a rotating weekly menu to keep meals exciting and prevent monotony.
  • Look for a wide variety of meal options, including plant-based meals if you prefer plant-based foods.

4. Customization and Flexibility

  • Check if the service allows customization of meals to fit your dietary restrictions and preferences.
  • Make sure there’s flexibility in the meal plans, like the option to skip weeks or adjust the number of meals.

5. Preparation Time and Effort

  • Decide if you prefer pre-made meals that require minimal effort or meal kits with pre-portioned ingredients that you cook yourself.
  • Some services offer 15-minute meal kits, which can be a great option if you have a busy schedule.

6. Sustainability Practices

  • Consider services that focus on reducing food waste and use eco-friendly packaging.
  • Look for companies that prioritize clean ingredients and sustainable sourcing practices.

7. Cost and Value

  • Compare prices and see if the service fits within your budget while still offering nutritious meals.
  • Check for any hidden costs like shipping fees, though many offer free delivery.

8. Customer Reviews and Reputation

  • Read customer reviews to gauge the reliability and quality of the service.
  • Opt for well-known services that have established reputations for quality.

9. Convenience and Accessibility

  • Make sure the service delivers to your zip code and offers convenient delivery times.
  • Look for easy-to-use websites or apps for managing your subscription and meal selections.

10. Taste and Enjoyment

  • Ultimately, the healthiest meal delivery service should provide delicious meals that you enjoy eating so you will stick to a healthy diet long-term.
  • Check if the service offers a variety of flavors and cuisines to keep your taste buds satisfied.

Bon Appétit!

From customizable options to accommodate various taste buds to the convenience of having meals delivered right to your doorstep and ready in 30 minutes or less, meal delivery services offer a great solution for busy families.

Choosing the right healthy meal delivery services can save you time, reduce stress, and prioritize the well-being of your loved ones. If you’ve been wanting to try out an easy solution for mealtime, we know that one of these 10 services is bound to be stress-free and nutritious. Plus, something the whole family will love!