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Arbonne vs Beautycounter: Detailed Product Comparison (2023)

In the world of clean beauty products, two prominent brands stand out: Arbonne and Beautycounter. Both companies gained significant traction in recent years, offering products that emphasize natural ingredients and a commitment to quality products. 

However, there are some crucial nuances between these two companies. Look at this Arbonne vs Beautycounter review to help you narrow your search and find the best brand to add to your beauty regime.

What is Arbonne?

Arbonne is a beauty, health, and wellness company founded in the US in 1980. Since all their products are cruelty-free, botanical-based, and 100% vegan, the brand aligns well with the popular healthy living movement. Arbonne is very well-known for focusing on only using clean ingredients. From makeup and skincare to nutrition and wellness products, they aim to empower people to flourish with sustainable, healthy living. 

It’s also important to note that Arbonne operates as a multi-level marketing company. This means that while you can purchase directly from the brand, customers can also join as independent consultants, build a team, and earn income by selling Arbonne products to others. Consultants typically receive an incentive to sign-up such as a free gift or bonus. 

What is Beautycounter?

Beautycounter is a revolutionary brand in the vast space of clean skincare and cosmetic products. Every single product is free from harmful chemicals and toxins. Founded in 2013, Beautycounter quickly gained recognition for its mission to get safer beauty and skincare products into the hands of everyone. They are also passionate about the environment and work hard to provide sustainable packaging–you can often find them boasting about their mission on social media.

Just like Arbonne, Young Living, DoTERRA, and Monat, keep in mind that Beautycounter also runs on a multi-level marketing business model. You can buy directly from their website or from an affiliated brand advocate who makes a commission off purchases. You can also become an independent consultant easily and build teams selling Beautycounter products.

Arbonne vs. Beautycounter Cost

When you look at the cost of Arbonne vs. Beautycounter products, they’re pretty neck-and-neck. One doesn’t immediately stand out over the other based on price. For a more detailed breakdown, we’ve narrowed in on three similar products from each brand and compared their price per fluid ounce. Let’s take a look at eye makeup remover, mascara, and sunscreen products from Arbonne and Beautycounter.

Eye Makeup Remover Comparison

Arbonne and Beautycounter both offer eye makeup remover in their makeup lines. Technically, they are the exact same price, but when you look at the amount, Beautycounter offers a little more product–making it the cheaper option.

ProductEasy on the Eyes Eye Makeup RemoverInstant Eye Makeup Remover
Size4 fl oz4.23 fl oz
Price per fl oz$7$6.62

Mascara Comparison

Both brands offer a volumizing mascara with lengthening and thickening lash support–Arbonne at $39 a tube and Beautycounter at $30. When comparing the price per fluid ounce, Beautycounter comes out at 32 cents cheaper for essentially the same product.

ProductSpeak Volumes MascaraThink Big All-in-One Mascara
Size0.35 fl oz0.27 fl oz
Price per fl oz$111.43$111.11

Sunscreen Lotion Comparison

Arbonne and Beautycounter both feature sunscreen in their skincare lines. Great nontoxic sunscreen brands are sometimes hard to come by, but both of these are mineral-based sunscreens and have an SPF of 30. With the Beautycounter sunscreen, you get over one additional ounce compared to Arbonne’s sunscreen. This puts the Beautycounter sunscreen at $1.18 cheaper per fluid ounce.

ProductFunSun Mineral Sunscreen Lotion (SPF 30)Countersun Mineral Sunscreen Lotion (SPF 30)
Size5 fl oz6.7 fl oz
Price per fl oz$7.60$6.42

As you can see, in each of the three product comparisons, Beautycounter stands out as the cheaper option when looking at the price per fluid ounce–but not by much. Both of these brands are fairly priced and, in most cases, don’t have any significant price jumps. 

If you want to save a couple of bucks on your beauty and personal care products, Beautycounter is the way to go. But we’d say they’re very close in cost, so looking at how the products work and interact with your skin is probably a better-deciding factor here.

Arbonne vs. Beautycounter Products 

Now, let’s take a look at what Arbonne and Beautycounter actually sell. You’ll find out what types of products they offer, how many options you can choose from, and what their top sellers are.



With 92 products to choose from, Arbonne comes out on top when it comes to skincare variety–all of which are vegan and cruelty-free. Arbonne products range from high-performance vegan cleansers, toners, moisturizers, night cream, serums, and sun protection. When skin changes during your 30s and 40s, these products are particularly important. Arbonne’s top-performing skincare ingredient list includes hyaluronic acid, aloe leaf juice, chlorella, and niacinamide, to name a few. 

Popular skincare products: 

What people are saying: “I was looking for pure and nontoxic skin products for many years, now I’m confident I have found perfect products which I’m going to enjoy for years to come.”


Beautycounter makes keeping your skin hydrated and nourished easy with a skincare collection featuring 54 products. They offer a full range of clean products like cleansers, toners, mists, treatment products, moisturizers, masks, facial oils and serums, eye cream, lip care, and mineral sunscreen, all with top-of-the-line ingredients that meet industry-leading safety standards.

Popular skincare products: 

What people are saying: “I apply the Vitamin C Serum right after I apply the Countertime Radiance Serum. This combo has made a noticeable improvement. The few fine lines I have around my mouth are much less visible. My skin looks smoother and brighter.”



Arbonne’s makeup line consists of 27 vegan-formulated products. From foundations and powders to mascara, lip serums, and more–choose from dozens of new products that deliver on performance while boasting major skincare benefits and keeping heavy metals low. Their makeup even includes stand-out ingredients like squalane, aloe vera, coconut, lavender, and raspberry seed oil.

Popular makeup products: 

What people are saying: “I love the way the makeup primer glides onto skin smoothly and leaves a soft velvety finish. My makeup goes on flawlessly. Leaves skin looking plumped and hydrated with the most gorgeous makeup finish. Keeps makeup lasting through the day without retouching. Doesn’t cause oiliness or shine. Highly recommend.”


This collection of 23 high-performing makeup products features foundation, powders, blush, eye shadow, eyeliner, highlighter, bronzer, palettes, tinted moisturizer, and much more. And, of course, each product is free from harmful or questionable ingredients so that you can feel confident and clean in your makeup routine.

Popular makeup products: 

What people are saying: “I recently followed my granddaughter’s advice and tried the concealer. It matched my skin tone, covered a couple brown spots (all day), lightened things up a bit under my eyes, and also covered what I think was a bug bite of some kind on one cheek.”

Body Care


Take your pick from 35 products to nourish and pamper your body with. Arbonne’s vegan bath and body products include washes, creams, lotions, essential oils, and more that leave you covered from head to toe. You’ll even find active ingredients like papaya, coconut, nectarine, and passion fruit in some products.

Popular body care products: 

What people are saying: “I have used the hand and body lotions, blush, and fitness chews. Love them all!”


Beautycounter features 31 products with no harmful ingredients in their entire bath & body collection. This line includes body lotion, body wash, body scrub, shampoo, conditioner, hand soap, hand lotion, moisturizers, sunscreen, and more. Cleanse, nourish, hydrate, and protect your skin with body-friendly ingredients like squalane butter, sweet almond oil, murumuru butter, and other natural elements.

Popular body care products: 

What people are saying: “The smell of the melting body balm is heavenly! I like to apply it straight out of the shower at bedtime. While the texture is more balmy, it feels great on winter chapped or sunburned skin.”



Arbonne’s wellness and nutrition product line carries a shocking 64 products. Their goal with this line was to offer an expansive range of vegan nutritional and dietary supplements that promote healthy living. Every product is formulated without gluten and driven by the power of plants. Products include energy fizz sticks, protein snacks, melatonin spray, superfood greens, protein shakes, probiotics, collagen builders, and more. 

Popular nutrition products: 

What people are saying: “I am big fan of fizz sticks! They have helped me on days to replace my morning coffee. They also are a great pick me up in the afternoon if you ever feel you need to get out of that slump! They taste delicious!”


This brand does not offer wellness or nutrition products at this time.

What a Doctor Thinks About Arbonne vs. Beautycounter

To sum up Arbonne vs Beautycounter products, we spoke with Rosmy Barrios, MD, the medical advisor for Health Reporter and head of the anti-aging department. She agreed both Arobbone and Beautycounter are dedicated to providing high-quality products emphasizing clean ingredients. “Arbonne’s focus on botanical ingredients and Beautycounter’s “Never List” of excluded harmful components highlight their commitment to ingredient safety,” noted Barrios. She stressed that this dedication can be especially beneficial for people with sensitive skin or specific skin conditions, as it reduces the risk of irritation and potential harm from harsh chemicals.

But skincare and beauty is a highly individualized journey. When it comes to narrowing a product choice down, Barrios suggests taking a personalized approach. “Before making significant changes to your skincare routine, consult with a dermatologist or skincare expert who can assess your specific skin type and concerns.” What works for someone else might not work for you, and vice versa. When choosing between Arbonne and Beautycounter, it’s best to start small with a few products and branch out based on what’s working for you.