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10 Unique Ideas for Your Next Summer Family Vacation

It’s on your bucket list to find the perfect family vacation during the Summer months. That’s a big job! Making sure everyone is happy, planning activities for all age groups and most importantly getting some fun in yourself can be a big task.

Stop the panicking. We’ve got your back and rounded up the best Summer vacation spots and unique ideas for the entire family. From thrilling theme parks and rustic camping to cruise ships and long road trips, we’ve got the ideas to make your Summer vacation unforgettable.

1. Go to a Theme Park

Family vacations are a time to bond and enjoy each other’s company. While there are so many different things you can do, one of the best Summer family vacation ideas is packing up and heading to a theme park. Theme parks are a great place for every age. Whether you and your 10-year-old want to bring out your wild side on a roller coaster, or you’d rather gently play around in a splash zone with your baby, there’s really something for everyone.

Theme parks to check out:

2. Take a Trip to a Water Park

A nice cool water park is a better place to spend a hot Summer day. It’s also a great option that the whole family can enjoy–no matter the age. Older adults and teenagers can explore the heart-thumping water slides while younger kids and babies can float around in the indoor water park lazy river. 

Bonus tip: Book your family water park trip during a weekday and use discount apps like Groupon to find the best deals. Whether it’s a day trip or a weekend trip, a water park is always a good idea.

The best water parks:

3. Go Camping

Ah, the great outdoors. A nostalgic family trip experience for your kids. If you’re looking to spend more time with your family and less time rushing from one place to another, camping is the perfect way to do it. You can’t beat the natural beauty of open air.

Your kids will be busy with outdoor activities and learning everything from bugs to building a campfire. This family vacation idea is a must for your Summer bucket list, and it doesn’t have to be far from home–just a short drive to the nearest campground will do the trick.

The best destinations to camp:

4. Visit a National Landmark

Why not visit a national landmark and explore the unique history of North America? They are the perfect place for learning! This Summer vacation idea provides an opportunity for families to learn about the country’s past, while also creating memories together. These are the kinds of trips your kids will remember for the rest of their lives–and maybe even ace their history test with.

National landmarks to visit:

5. Book a Stay at a Family Resort

Does thinking about planning an entire family vacation sound exhausting? Then booking a stay at a family resort will save you the headache. The convenience, easy access and amenities that come with staying at an all inclusive resort rather than having to move from place to place planning every single move is like a breath of fresh air. Family vacations are supposed to be relaxing and fun for parents too, right?

Top family resorts in the U.S.:

6. Go Away on a Cruise 

Cruises are the most underrated family vacation ideas. Set out to sea with your family on a ship full of fun activities with your favorite people. From all-you-can-eat buffets and relaxing spas to unlimited games for the kids and a tiki bar for parents–cruise ships really have it all. The best part? The itinerary is all planned out for you. Sandy beaches here you come! *Books cruise immediately*

Family-friendly cruises:

7. Experience a Famous Park

Looking for a truly unique summer family vacation idea? Why not check out the nearest national park! Famous national parks are filled with activities to keep your family entertained and excited. Finding scenic biking trails, watching wildlife, horseback riding, stunning views and being one with nature are a few things you can expect from visiting a famous park. 

Parks to visit:

8. Go Hiking

Who doesn’t love a family vacation that involves fun, exercise and outdoor adventures? Hiking trips are one of those vacations your family will remember and tell stories about forever. Go old-fashioned by bringing out the map and having your kids lead the way–don’t be surprised if you take a few wrong turns. Half the fun is pretending to be explorers and learning to navigate the trails. 

The best hiking spots for families:

9. Head Out on a Road Trip

It’s every kid’s birthright to go on a long uncomfortable road trip with the family, right? Choosing this kind of family vacation isn’t the prettiest, but it does make for fun memories. Have a car, camping trailer, or RV? That’s all you need for this family vacation idea. Squish the kids in–it’s time to fuel up and hit the road!

Road trip ideas:

10. Travel Abroad

There’s nothing like experiencing a different culture, tasting new cuisines, and discovering amazing places. And with so many exciting destinations to choose from, you’re sure to find something that is fun for everyone. Actually planning and getting to your destination is the hardest part, but once you are there it will all be worth it. These are the kinds of vacations that are a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Popular destinations:

Life Is Short, Take the Trip

You only have a handful of years to go on a Summer family vacation with everyone included. So you want to make sure you’re finding the best ideas that check all the boxes. 

Summer vacations like going to national landmarks, famous parks, road-tripping and going abroad are some of the most unique ideas for the family. If you love adventure, travel and everything in between–book the trip, you won’t regret it.